ChangeWorks Meeting Minutes

June 12, 2022


Emma calls the meeting to order at 6:15 pm


Executive director’s report- 


Financial report- Savings account currently has $12,742.29, Checkings has $3,574.86, Amazon gave us $17.42, Paypal gave a total of $75 in donations, we spent $210 for the website.


Executive report- N/A


Website subcommittee update- The website has been put on hold for now.


Club update (burbank and burroughs)- It’s summer so we currently are not meeting with the high school chapters.


Merchandise- Isabel’s design was chosen and next meeting we will look at the sizes and how we are going to customize the merch.


Meeting in person- A motion was made by Toros for James to contact the Wilkies to follow up with them and plan an event; Melanie seconded the motion. 


Publicity- Brianna and Toros are going to make one poster a month.


New fundraisers- We are discussing having restaurant nights about once a month. A boba fundraiser this September (t-pumps) can help us start this school year off with profit and selling boba at the front and back of the school. 


Events- We were hoping to plan an event at the Wilkie’s. Hopefully we can also plan some bonding activities for ChangeWorks in order to get to know each other better (aiming for the middle of July). Silent auction, catering, presentation are all in mind in order to get people to know what CW are all in mind. 


Extra- Votes on executive positions are pushed back to next month since people are missing


Emma calls the meeting to end at 7:15 pm

Changeworks Meeting Minutes 27/3/1


Emma called the meeting to order at 6:05 pm.


Members in attendance: Alexandra S, Emma A, James C, Brianna K, Sophia G, Toros K, Isabel S.


Executive directors report: 


Financial report: nothing has changed much. Savings account: %12,085.40 and small business checkings account: $3,557.44


Website/Subcommittee: The website research is currently at a pause. 


Club update: Burbank meetings have resumed and will meet this week. Discussed hosting another mini fundraiser such as the bracelet making one. A tote bag decorating activity has been brought up.


Merchandise: Several designs have been submitted. We will continue to post about submitting designs for ChangeWorks.


Meeting in person: We are possibly talking about hosting our next meeting in person. Our first in person meeting will be on May 1st at 5pm at Brace Canyon Park.


Annual meeting: Our annual meeting is to end the terms of expiring members and to elect new members and positions. It will bring our annual report together and members of CW all come. It will most likely be held at CPK. Possible dates: Thursday May 12th and Sunday May 15th at 7pm.


Board Members: We have 1 member expiring. We would like to recruit people who are dedicated to the board but also select people who will show up to the meetings. We will advertise being on the board to see if people are interested.


Publicity: We want to be more active on our social media platforms so we are aiming to make a post once a month on different types of cancers.We are going to focus on rare pediatric cancers.


Emma called the meeting to end at 6:35 pm.


Meeting Minutes 2/27/22


Emma called the meeting to order at 6:06 pm


People in attendance: Alexandra S, Emma A, Mane A, Lilia M, Brianna K, Sophia G, Ethan C, James C


Executive directors report: Board meeting locations may be face to face since mandates are being lifted. We filled the 990 N (tax return form), we are looking to recruit new members in March, we will hold our annual meeting in May. 


Financial report: Savings: $12,084.94 Business checkings: 3,530.44


Website Update: Wix requires payment to create a domain but the website we currently use is more pricey but involves tech support.


BHS chapter: no meetings yet because of Covid, possibly planning a fundraiser similar to the bracelet making.


Merch: Still on the hunt to find clubs that would be willing to design a logo.


Burroughs club updates: Sophia has gotten the form ready and it just needs to be approved.


Publicity: We have been inactive, new idea of posting about a different pediatric cancer each month. We are encouraging members who are in school sports to talk to their teams about the Changeworks Foundation. We need to make posts about the history of Changeworks and about merch and the expansion of members.


Gala event: Sophia will contact James about starting a subcommittee.


Emma called the meeting to end at 6:55 pm

The ChangeWorks! Foundation 


Meeting Minutes for 30 January, 2022


Emma called the meeting to order at 6:04 PM


Members in attendance: Alexandra S, Emma A, Brianna K, Ethan C, Lilia M, Mane A, Melanie I, Sophia G, James C


Executive directors report: Omicron Variant has delayed current activities. We are looking for positions for next year's board. Potential Application from Hoover High School. Not a lot of change in the balance.


Financial report: We currently have an available balance of $12,084.43 and the small business account has an available balance of $3,530.44.


Website sub-committee update: Discussing different platforms to create the website on.


Club Update (Burbank and Burroughs): Nothing has happened yet for the Burroughs chapter. The Burbank chapter did not have a January meeting due to Omicron.


Ice rink fundraiser: We will put off the ice rink fundraiser due to Omicron.


Merchandise: Merchandise fundraiser can help raise money. 


Meeting in-person: Not for some time due to Omicron concerns. Meetings will be on zoom until further notice.


Potential new board members: Mane A has been voted on the board.


New fundraisers: Restaurant fundraisers and online fundraisers and packaged food fundraisers are options people have discussed. See's Candies and Popcoropolis are potential fundraisers since it ships directly to people’s houses. Sharing our PayPal code and talking about our campaign on social media can bring in more money. Starting a venmo account for the campaign or a twitter account can help to get our name out there. 


Ideas or discussions: Outreaching to other schools to be on the board can help grow the foundation since we have a lot of members from Burbank and Burroughs High.


Emma called the meeting to end at 6:42 PM


Meeting Minutes for October 24, 2021

Emma calls the meeting to order at 6:04 PM

Members in attendance: Emma A, Alexandra S, Brianna K, Toros K, Isabel S, Melanie I, Ethan C, Sophia G, Lilia M, Loya B

Executive Directors report: activity has been slow the month of October. The total amount from the personal fundraiser I ran via Facebook was $1,023. I will report back once the check has been received and deposited.The website has been updated, and our Webmaster is still exploring options for more user-friendly website options.

The current PayPal balance is $165.34.

Media City Credit Union savings balance is $11085.00

Media City Credit Union checking balance is $3045.49

Recent activity includes payment for web services ($105), and savings interest ($0.46).

Changeworks Board: We are discussing expanding the board and about potentially adding new members and making a post to see if anyone is interested. Giving a donation at a credit union can help them join. They just have to be active.

Fundraisers: Sophia submitted the papers to make the JBHS branch of changeworks approved so we will wait on more news from that.

A possible fundraiser idea that has been brought up is at an ice skating rink.

We discussed the movie night fundraiser to be spaced out in a garden or park because of COVID.

Bracelet fundraiser: We are talking about the supplies and the costs of the supplies. We will figure out a time and see whether we will have it at lunch or after school

Merchandise: If we change our logo, the color and the bolded CW will stay. A merch competition is being talked about to see the different designs and to keep it youthful.

Emma calls meeting to end at 6:37 PM


Minutes from September 26, 2021


Members in Attendance: Emma, Alexandra, James, Angelina, Emma, Ethan, Mane, Melanie, Sophia, Isabel


Emma called the meeting to order at 6:04 


Executive Directors Report: The website is back up, we are still working on ways to make the website more accessible. the age was checked and goes to 21, UnLast grant passed away , potential grant applicant that is filling out application. We raised about $1,000 with donations, and the Hoover high school Celebrity game was cancelled due to Covid struggles.


Financial Report : We received an Amazon smile donation  of  $29.61. Our checkings account has a balance of $ 3,045.49, and our total savings balance is $11,084.54


Club Update: We have 30 recruited members, and we split up into 3 sub-groups: outreach, publicity, and events. We are trying to look at different ways to fundraise and are trying to possibly recruit a spot at a fair to fundraise by selling bracelets. We are talking about a possible design change and t-shirt, sweatshirt, and jewelry fundraisers. We have also started talking about other fundraiser nights such as a possible movie night. 


Other: We are looking up ways to raise more money for Changeworks. People are forgetting about the attendance policy so if you have to miss, please tell us a few days in advance. We have four things going on including the movie night, restaurant nights, bracelet making, and fundraising. Our next meeting will be on October 24, 2021


Emma called the meeting to an end at 6:47


Minutes for 29 August, 2021


The meeting was called to order at 6:06 pm



Attendees: Emma, James, Alexandra, Toros, Brianna, Ethan, Lilia, Sophia.


Financial report: No significant changes.


Executive directors report: multiple meeting’s minutes got deleted off the site. We discussed the age requirement and what is considered the age to receive the grant.


Please show up to meetings. Half the board was missing and we only meet once a month.

Discussed having time to set up emails.

Discussed ways to make us stand out in Club rush to get more people to join. Thursday, September 9 is our club rush day. Please show up if you are on the board. Introduction of a new possible member.


Club rush ideas: organize and decorate the booth, hang Changeworks banner, Changeworks shirt, talk to your teachers about promoting Changeworks, have some sort of prize that stands out, have bracelets to hand out.


Meetings: discussed in-person meetings in the near future and having hybrid meetings for those who aren’t comfortable meeting in-person. 


Website sub-committee: pushed to next meeting.


Fundraisers: things are opening for more fundraising ideas. Speak out to the community for fundraisers. Possible donation of charcuterie platters for fundraisers/silent auctions. Krispy Kreme doughnuts for fundraising. Boba fundraiser idea. Hoover high school basketball fundraiser (more details to come).


Recap: Club rush ideas and booth and concern of people not showing up.


Emma called the meeting to end at 6:50

Minutes from June 21, 2021


Emma calls the meeting to order at 6:21 pm.

Members in attendance: Emma, Alexandra, Toros, Angelina, Sophia, Ethan, Brianna, and Melanie (Connor joined later on).

Executive report:

Financial report: Postponed to July


Research committee update: Toros, Lilya (not a member yet), Connor, Emma met to help a friend get a potential grant. 

Executive board elections:

Toros is re-running for Historian. All those in favor of Toros: 6… Toros is elected!

Brianna is running for treasure: All those in favor of Brianna: 6… Brianna is elected!

Alexandra is running for secretary. All those in favor: 6… Alexandra is elected!

Emma is running for Chairperson. All those in favor of Emma: 6… Emma is elected!

Sophia is running for President. All those in favor of Sophie: 6… Sophia is elected!

Article 15 Amendments: How they can give a grant to someone over 18 and younger than 21. Working on bumping up the age to 21. Connor talked about how childhood is defined as age 1-13 and that they have donated to people over 13 so 21 should be hopefully allowed to define childhood to give grants. According to the by-laws, people who are below 22 (through age 21) are eligible. Emma copied in chat “The term childhood shall be interpreted as the age range from zero to twenty-one. As stated in Article 3 Purposes, Section 3.2 Specific Purpose, Article 5, Dedication of Assets, Section 5.1 Property Dedicated to Nonprofit Purposes, Section 5.2  Distribution of Assets Upon Dissolution, and Article 7 Directors, Section 7.1.2 Qualifications. All phrases containing such words will be referencing the years zero to twenty-one.

Toros makes a motion to make a favor for the new amendment. All in favor: 6… The amendment passes!

Ideas or discussion: 

Emma calls meeting to end at 6:53

Minutes from April 25, 2021


Emma called the meeting to order at 6:04 pm


  1. In attendance were Emma, James, Lottie, Toros, Isabel, Alexandra, Melanie, Sophia, Brianna, and Angelina. 
  2. Executive Directors Report: James made a deposit a couple weeks ago. He also went to the Chipotle fundraiser, he also has been trying to coordinate the website update with his brother and the website committee. James is also still working with the new family who we might possibly give a grant to.
  3. Financial Report: Checking account: (added) $175, total: $2,849.67 Savings: no additions: total $15,839.64
  4. Club Chapter Report: Everyone from the club chapter at Burbank introduced themselves and their positions! Emma is closing up clubs at Burbank for the end of the year. She also created a flyer for a CW fundraiser.
  5. Website Update: James and Lottie are coordinating with James’ brother about re-doing the website. Our goal is to make the website more appealing to everyone and update it for more current news and minutes.
  6. Chipotle Fundraiser: We received a check of $188.05 from the fundraiser- good job everyone who showed up or reposted!!
  7. New Members: Ethan will be stepping down from President because of prior commitments, so we have some open spots for new members! Both Emma and Sophia would be willing to take up the position. Angelina would also be running to be a board member because she has attended two meetings… She is currently on the executive board from the club chapter at Burbank. Toros motions for Angelina to be a board member, all in favor, no opposition… Welcome Angelina!! Sophia would also be running to be a board member, she has led many clubs at Burbank and would love to be the CW President. Emma already holds a chair position on CW and has a lot of experience through Burbank High’s clubs and her own 501 podcast organization. All those in favor of Emma: 4 Sophia: 3… Congrats Emma- who is now carrying the chair and President role! (Quorum is now 5)
  8. Ideas or discussion: Let's all try to keep recruiting people for the club/board- share the green form that Emma sent in the group chat, giving all the information and requirements to be in ChangeWorks! Also: to join subcommittees you don’t need to be a board member!


Emma adjourned the meeting at 6:57 pm

The ChangeWorks! Foundation 


Minutes from March 28, 2021


Emma called the meeting to order at 6:02 pm


  1. In attendance were: Emma, Lottie, Toros, Grace, James, Jillian, Ethan, Sophia, and Alexandra.
  2. Executive Directors Report: James recently deposited $200, we also got a check from a foundation that was anonymous, we also received a 50 donation via paypal. James met with the credit union, navigating how to get applications, trying to create a network to reach out to people in need. James has the application at home, but now we will put in an online secure vault.
  3. Financial Report: In our checking account: $2674.67 with a $15.84 deposit, Savings: $15892.32 with a deposit of $450 and a total interest of $1.18.
  4. Club Chapter Report: The club chapter created a flyer for spring, advocating for donations!
  5. Website Update: James talked to his brother who can help set up the website, who can help with the security and maintenance of it as well. We will also set up a subcommittee on Zoom, making a groupchat to get the website going. There will also be a subcommittee for Connor’s friend (changing the bylaws to over 17 years old).
  6. Chipotle Fundraiser: Emma contacted someone at Media City, proposing a fundraiser at Chipotle. We would have to have it in mid-April, lining up with Easter and other spring breaks. Anna will make a flyer for the fundraiser, we will post it on social media when the time comes. 
  7. Ideas/Discussion: Ethan is the standing president, looking to step down to vice president if someone is willing to fill in his position. Alexandra may be able to help, but James can put together an overview of the positions. We also need to work on recruitment for the board, making a post on social media and spreading the word. We also need to work on having more discussion topics, keeping the foundation engaged and updated with longer meetings.


Emma adjourned the meeting at 6:19 pm

The ChangeWorks! Foundation 


Minutes from February 21, 2021


Emma called the meeting to order at 6:03 pm


  1. In attendance: were Lottie, Emma, Grace, Toros, Ethan, Sophia, James, Angelina, Alexandra, and Malia.
  2. Executive Directors Report: James went over the financial status.We issued a grant 2 years ago to Addie, who unfortunately has passed away recently, the family is still so grateful for our grant and support, our grant has helped with travel costs, surgery, and much more.  
  3. Financial Report: In January we spent $210 for our web service, $340 and $3,000 in deposits, in Checking: $2658.83 Savings: $15441.14. Last year we did a grant, but we still need the formal application- just waiting on the family. 
  4. Club Chapter Report: At Burbank High Emma held a Zoom meeting and they created a flyer to post for Burbank to raise awareness for Changeworks! 
  5. Website Update: Our web developer needs to show us how to work the domain and manage it with keeping the Changeworks name. It would be great to have more people help out- getting a hands on approach to this.
  6. Vote on Sophia Gani: Ethan motions Sophia onto the board, Alex seconds the motion,  all vote in favor. Sophia is now a board member, welcome Sophia!
  7. Ideas or Discussion: Connor has a friend who would be a grant applicant, but who is over 18. Toros motions to make a subcommittee to review changing our bylaws and researching the requirements and Alex seconds the motion, all vote in favor. James also has seen a donation platform through Paypal, he will look into that as we come up with more fundraisers! Everyone also please repost the give forms!!

Emma adjourned the meeting at 6:23 pm

The ChangeWorks! Foundation 


Minutes from December 29, 2020


Lauryn called the meeting to order at 6:04 pm


  1. In attendance: were Jillian, Lottie, Lauryn, Malia, Emma, Megan, Alexandra, James, and Ethan.
  2. Executive Directors Report: The fundraiser raised over $3,000 for the foundation! Although we used Paypal- so not 100% goes to us, but we still raised a great amount of money!
  3. Financial Report: No new changes- Checking account: $2,318.83 Savings: $12,522.44.
  4. Fundraiser: Connor and the other participants did an amazing job! We had a very successful fundraiser!
  5. New Officers: Many of the board members are aging out this year, but there is still time to think of new members and what positions they will hold. Emma will start posting information on the Burbank High google classroom to recruit some new members. (Most people will age out by the end of the year.)
  6. Emma’s Fundraiser: It will begin in January and continue throughout the year- making holidays great fundraising opportunities. For the fundraising we can use Give Forms and link it to Gain- it takes a small percentage out, but is still an easy way to get donations! Emma motions to use Give Forms for the full year, Jillian seconds the motion, everyone is in favor, no oppositions or abstentions.
  7. Website: The new website will be launched along with the fundraisers- we are still looking for the cheapest option to help redesign the website.  
  8. Other Ideas: January 24, 2021 will be our next meeting- everyone should try to be there, we will vote for new members! 


Lauryn adjourned the meeting at 6:28 pm


The ChangeWorks! Foundation 


Minutes from December 6, 2020


Lauryn called the meeting to order at 6:04 pm


  1. In attendance: were Lauryn, Jillian, James, Emma, Daniel, Ethan, Grace, Megan, Alexandra, and Lottie. 
  2. Executive Directors Report: Nothing is new! James is still figuring out how to put the graphic Connor designed onto the website (which will be designed soon)!
  3. Financial Report: No new changes- Checking account: $2,318.83 Savings: $12,522.44. We still have to withdraw $500 after we work out details soon.
  4. Connors Fundraiser: On December 20th at 2:00pm, Connor is hosting an online magic show at the Magic Castle with some friends. Make sure we spread the word, let's fundraise as much as we can! (The graphic is pasted below)
  5. Emma's fundraiser: Emma found a website that has a donation button as another option for safe fundraising. We can all advertise this website, hopefully getting as much money as we can! Although there is a percentage that the website takes as a fee. People may not donate as much money because of tight costs right now- but this could also be a great idea for New Years (we can incorporate holidays as well). If we do use this website- Jillian or James can enter our information and the length of the fundraiser, then we can create a flyer and spread the word. If we choose to have the website logo on the fundraiser, we get a higher percentage donated. 
  6. Website Update: The website committee is currently looking for free or low cost platforms that we can amp-up our website and make it better. So far we have Weebly, Wix, or The most we would pay would be $2 a month, trying to preserve as much money as we can. We will include GiveForms in our website to fundraise there.
  7. Ideas or other discussion topics: As a reminder- when a board member turns 18 years old, they can attend meetings, but cannot vote. They won’t have a position on the board, so we will have to assign new people to their positions. 18 year olds should still actively participate and help out! We should start making a transition plan, 4 members will be 18 soon! 

Lauryn adjourned the meeting at 6:38 pm

The ChangeWorks! Foundation


Minutes from November 8, 2020


Lauryn called the meeting to order at 6:06 pm


  1. In attendance were Jillian, Grace, Lottie, James, Lauryn, Emma, Ethan, Toros, Malia, Daniel, and Alexandra.
  2. Executive Director’s Report: The fundraiser last month was successful! Thanks to everyone who came and supported. We received a check from Blaze Pizza for $76.40!
  3. Financial Report: In the savings account: $12,521.41, checking: $2,318.83. In October we got $435 in donations!
  4. Jillian’s Call With Funding Rep: A rep named Nathan reached out to Jillian to meet on Zoom, from a fundraising team for nonprofits called FlipCost. They work with chapters of organizations such as boys and girls club. They can create a website for our organization and have a contact database and have a team that you can reach out to. They charge $100 a month included with website maintenance, for all they do it's a great deal. We pay the smallest amount because of the amount of money ChangeWorks fundraises. 
  5. Connor: Daniel got a message from Conner who wants to do a fundraiser over zoom with his magician talents, as well as some of his friends from Magic Castle. Members who know how to use fundraising software on Twitch or zoom are welcome to help, or spread the word about it. Having an open zoom call is also a great way to raise money, also making it easier to set up! Connor also has a podcast: Ungimmicked with other information etc.
  6. Website Update: James suggested Wix as another website idea that will help with the website, possibly less than what we are currently paying for the website (about $250 a month?) The Burbank High tech group has not updated us about the website- but setting up a subcommittee for the website (Lottie, Malia, Grace?) is a good option!
  7. Club News: Emma’s meeting went well! She asked the members to share and come up with fundraising ideas for their next meeting. 
  8. Ideas or Discussion: Working on the website, getting everyone’s CW email set up, and still brainstorming ideas for fundraising are top priorities! As holidays are coming up, make sure that we look for fundraising places (restaurants, events, etc.)! 

Lauryn adjourned the meeting at 6:36 pm

The ChangeWorks! Foundation 


Minutes from September 27, 2020


Lauryn called the meeting to order at 6:35 pm


  1. In attendance were Jillian, Grace, Lottie, Ethan,  Lauryn, Anthony, Emma, Alexandra, Malia, Megan, Crystal, James. (Guests: David, Elly, Luis, Gracie, Fina, Anaya).
  2. New Visitors Introduction: Jillian gave an overview of the CW Foundation/ what we do! Including that CW is so special because we are all under 18 making a big difference.
  3. Executive Directors Report: Need to finalize details for the grant for the new family! James sent an email to the new members for setting up their emails for the CW Foundation. James also got a letter from the IRS concerning taxes, but will talk with Tom to take care of it.
  4. Financial Report: Stayed the same- Savings: $12,519.32, Checking: $1,883.83
  5. Fundraiser: Blaze Pizza fundraiser coming up on October 20th 5-9 pm!! Another fundraiser at Baked Bear (same night)!!
  6. Website Update: Burbank High Teacher doesn't have any new students to help with the website, but we would be happy to have someone that specializes/ has interest in technology that would be willing to help upgrade the CW website. (Anaya’s dad may be able to help!)
  7. Burbank Club Rush: CW club approved by Burbank High ASB, Executive Board has been formed by Emma, and they established meeting dates and fundraiser ideas! Other board members welcomed to join those meetings.
  8. David’s Grant: (In the meeting with us today!) David recently got back from a biopsy follow-up last week, they get the results next week. The family shared the procedures and steps that will help David get better in the future! David likes to share some dad jokes with the nursing staff, we were lucky enough to hear one today! David’s family also shared how grateful they are for our help, and how thankful they are to receive it!
  9. Looking For Our Next Families: Reaching out to other families in need (even through zoom or the internet) is so important in this time! CW is always willing to help and give as much as we can.


Lauryn adjourned the meeting at 7:01 pm

The ChangeWorks! Foundation Annual Meeting

Minutes from August 23, 2020

Lauryn called the meeting to order at 7:09 pm


  1. In attendance were Jillian, Ethan, Grace, Sophia, Lottie, Alexandra, Emma, Megan, Toros, Lauryn, Malia, Mia, Rick, Monica, Connor, Tom, and Daniel.
  2. Welcome to ChangeWorks! 
  3. Video made by Lauryn: Jillian is going to send it to the credit union to see if they can post it anywhere. It got over 1000 views on Facebook, and is on the website!
  4. Executive Directors Annual Report: James has completed 6 years as the Executive Director and has overseen the ChangeWorks Foundation. James has received a grant application from a family today and is excited to help another family. James is very thankful for the board members for maintaining the foundation and keeping ChangeWorks on track during this pandemic!
  5. Financial Report: As of today the checking account has $1,883.83. In the last month there has been $55.06 in deposits. The savings account has $12,518.26 no deposits in the last month.
  6. Update Website: Student interns can help us revamp the website or other board members can help if they would like. 
  7. New Members: Jillian and Lauryn explained the process of getting voted onto the board and what the responsibilities are. Sophia is the longest standing board member who has completed 2 terms! Sophia, Emma, Alex, and Toros introduced themselves to the current board. Ethan nominated Sophia, Alex, Emma, and Toros to have a 3 year term, Jillian seconds that nomination. They all accepted the nomination. Everyone in favor said“I”, no one was opposed or had any abstentions to the new board members. Sophia nominated James, Tom, and Connor to be on the board, Grace seconds this nomination. Everyone was in favor, there were no abstentions.
  8. New Application: David A. was diagnosed with MDS and was hospitalized for 2 weeks in March and was hospitalized from May 13 to yesterday due to bone marrow transplants. He is at high risk during this pandemic due to his condition. David’s family owes more than 13,000 in hospital bills and is in need of ChangeWorks help. Jillian motions that the application be accepted and a grant for $5,000 be given to David and his family, Lauryn seconds this motion. The board members all are in favor of this motion, there were no abstentions. The board has decided to give a grant of $5,000 to David and his family!
  9. Burbank High Club: Emma has created bylaws and a constitution and has found 2 potential teachers to help with the club. She thinks that mid September will be when the club will be launched at Burbank High.
  10. Next Step for CW: Most of the current members on the board are seniors, but due to all the new young members, ChangeWorks will continue to thrive and be able to help families! The new ChangeWorks club at Burbank will also help the foundation to grow. 


Lauryn adjourned the meeting at 8:05 pm




Minutes for July 1, 2020

The meeting was called to order at 7:08 pm.



Attendees: Board Members Lauryn Zepada (Chair), Grace Mokracek (Treasuerer), Daniel Wilke, Megan Fournier, Jillian Flynn (President), Malia Nagashiki (Historian) and Ethan Coomes, executive director James Coomes, Recording Secretary Connor McDonald and guests Toros Kehribarian, Emma and Jennifer Audtette.


Executive Director’s Report


Annual Meeting - The Annual Meeting traditionally takes place in May of each year, but this year is an exception due to the pandemic.  I am recommending that the Board organize an online annual meeting to comply with safety regulations, and that the meeting be scheduled for August to allow for ample preparation time.


Bylaws - Recommendation that all Board members review bylaws.  Can be done during a meeting or outside of a meeting to ensure that all Board members are familiar with the various responsibilities of the Board and that we plan accordingly.


Board Member Terms - One term has come up for expiration, but can be renewed as the Board sees fit.  Sofia Goodson is a founding member, has been involved with the foundation for the past 6 years, and has completed two full terms on the Board..  Online meetings have allowed Sofia to become active again after moving.  There are currently 9 Board members, and the bylaws require that there be no less than 3 and no more than 15.


Executive Staff Terms - One of the Annual Meeting agenda items is to select or renew executive staff for a 1-year term.  CFO Tom Kluksdahl and myself have just completed 6 years, and are eligible for 4 more terms at the discretion of the Board.  There is no requirement that we continue in these positions, but I am recommending that the Board consider a search process for any executive positions prior to appointing new executive staff.  This should be taken under consideration by the Board as a whole, and it is recommended that a subcommittee conduct much of the work outside of regular Board meetings.


Applications - I am still working on one pending application, and it is unknown as to exactly why the family is hesitant to apply as there have been no extended conversations.  I will keep working on this potential application.  The Board may want to consider additional strategies to promote the Foundation to organizations that may currently know of potential applicants.


Finance Report - Grace


Three deposits made June 29, 2020

Current Savings Balance: $12,622.20

Current Checking Balance: :$1,523.77

PayPal Balance: $0.00

Total Account Balances: $14,145.97


Website Development - Jennifer


Media City Community Credit Union is in the process of redeveloping their website and has invited the Foundation to develop our site through their web developer.  A subcommittee has been formed consisting of Emma and Jennifer, Malia, Jillian, Megan and Lauryn.  Lauryn will post when the subcommittee will meet.


Meeting planning - Lauryn


Thank you to everyone who is in communication.  Please respond to proposed meeting times and dates so Lauryn can plan accordingly


Annual Meeting - Board


Discussion of annual meeting structures

Zoom meeting format

Twitch format with donation button

Facebook donation link

Recommendation of matching funds from organizations, employers, etc.

For meeting, recommend a subcommittee of 2-3 members to plan agenda, format, date.  Jillian and Lauryn will be involved.  Emma Audette to join.


Potential new membership


Emma Audette, Toros Kehribarian.  Emma and Toros are creating a chapter at Burbank High School.  Nominations will be carried to annual meeting.


Meeting adjourned at 8:03 pm.


Respectfully submitted.

James Coomes



Minutes from May 24, 2020


Lauryn called the meeting to order at 5:06 pm


  1. In attendance were Jillian, Lauryn, Lottie, Grace, Sophia, Emma, Ethan, Alexandra (Alex), Malia, and James.
  2. Executive Directors Report: James has been working with a family to figure out when to meet with them about a grant application. Also keep in mind that May is when we vote in new members and adults at the annual meeting, which can be postponed to another meeting time.
  3. How to Move Forward: Emma suggested doing “restaurant nights,”which are fundraisers at restaurants which help the organization and the restaurant. It was also suggested to sell ChangeWorks items online such as shirts or bracelets (we have a large stock of bracelets, some are individually wrapped). Malia’s mom may be able to help us figure out how to manage and sell these products. Lauryn also suggested to do a livestream or a meet and greet and make it open to donations too. Also, Jillian suggested every 2-3 weeks we should have a meeting to check in, making them 30 minutes with updates and to see if there are any new members. 
  4. Recruiting New Members: Most of the current members are going to be juniors or seniors next year, so now is the time to recruit new members! Anyone in middle school or high school can be a part of the club. Emma and Alex want to branch out to Burbank High, so Jillian will help them get it up and running at Burbank. The club at Burbank will also help fundraisers to be more of a big deal and will allow the board to grow. 
  5. Financial Report: Savings account: $12,090.19, Checking account: $1,523.77, April: transfer of $83 to savings and a deposit of $291.75. 


Lauryn adjourned the meeting at 5:36 pm


The Changeworks! Foundation


Minutes from April 26, 2020 (check-in meeting)


Jillian called the meeting to order at 6:14 pm


  1. In attendance were Jillian, Grace, Lottie, Malia, Megan, Daniel, and Ethan.
  2. Small Updates: Jillian wants to have these meetings more frequently on Zoom, but having shorter meetings. It’s been hard to find donors for baskets because of this hard time, James thinks people should just donate regularly right now. *Jillian wants members to shed light of this situation on social media and repost the Facebook post about Changeworks. We also need to start thinking about other people we can recruit to be members of the club. Ethan thinks that we should contact the principal of Luther to send out an email about Changeworks.
  3. Financial Updates: James has recently gotten $530 that needs to be deposited. Right now we have about 12,000 in the bank, worth 2 grants.
  4.  COVID-19 presents more people that will be in need of financial help. James thinks that this time can help us to develop online connections, such as online meet and greets. 
  5. Upcoming Meetings: Sunday’s will be the best day for 30 min meetings on Zoom. The next meeting could possibly be May 16th. In the next meeting we should discuss the family that we most recently gave a grant to. 


Jillian adjourned at 6:35 pm


The Changeworks! Foundation


Minutes from January 12, 2020


Lauryn called the meeting to order at 6:17 pm


  1. In attendance were James C, Mia C, Lauryn Z, Jillian F, Lottie J, Malia N, Ethan, Grace M, and Megan F. 
  2.  Executive Directors Report: Bill for $105 due for web services, James will pay that. Relay for life is May 2nd and there is a CPK kickoff on the 2nd.
  3.  Grace Report: Savings: $11,484.36, In deposits: $1,186, Checkings: $925.02, In deposits: $87.00 (As of 12/31). Significant donations have come from the credit union and events (see James). Ume credit union art competition student won $250 and donated to CW!
  4.  Relay for Life: Happening May 2nd, board members will look at their schedules to see who can go.
  5.  Club News: Last meeting in December had a toy drive. Jillian has to check to see how many donations we got from the meeting. James has the idea of coming to the meetings to bring up new ideas and see how to identify families in need. Maybe an announcement in GMJB or a pamphlet? Video production kids or social media? Maybe a sub-committee that manages the *facebook or instagram? Jillian will post something on her facebook that can be shared with more adults than instagram.
  6.  Football Coach Donation: Coach bought a wristband, but never actually got one. Because it hasn’t been given to him in a while, Lauryn thinks we should pitch in a shirt with the wristband. Maybe we could invite coach Holdren to a meeting to give him the shirt? 
  7.  Baskets for Meet and Greet: Could ask for donations for baskets that Jillian can send to donors. Cafe de Olla? James thinks we should put together a list of businesses in Burbank to ask for donations. James will start a google sheet with the master list. Lauryn thinks one person should make sure everything gets done, but everyone else just pitches in to help. 


Lauryn adjourned the meeting at 7:03 pm 

The ChangeWorks! Foundation

Minutes from October 27, 2019

Lauryn called the meeting to order at 6:04 pm


  1. In attendance were Lottie Jennings, Megan F., Jillian Flynn, Lauryn Zepada, Grace Mokracek, Carlos Rodriguez, Ethan, Connor M, Elenor, Media City Credit Union Rep- Jennifer, Monica and Joe Wilke, and Malia N.
  2. Executive Director Report: Bands arrived (2,000) $680. 500 went to Burroughs and 1500 are at James’ house. 1200 large 800 medium. T-shirts- $10 per shirt. Recipients made it to the hospital and our grant has gone a very long way after her 3 surgeries. 
  3. Relay for Life: Jillian proposed going to the relay for life meeting if they are interested. James reviewed the past experiences with relay for life and went over the pros and cons of the fundraiser. This event is great, but if we want to participate we need to be fully involved and committed. Connor, feels like over the years it was a struggle to organize the event but, he feels as though it was a great experience overall. Jillian thinks that going as a club is a good idea, and Jennifer said the credit union would be happy to sponsor us.
  4. Other updates: Members made $100 at the football game selling bracelets the other day. And Elenor may want to join the board.
  5. Club News: During the meeting Friday, they brought blank cards and wrote messages to Children’s Hospital. Lauryn volunteered to laminate the cards, and thinks it will be cheaper to go through her family’s company. 
  6. Blaze Pizza/ Fundraisers: $527 was made at the fundraiser. Jennifer wants to do Monte Carlo fundraiser next quarter. She’s working on a website to help link us to donations and in the remodeling, Jennifer wants to donate a certain area to him. 
  7. End of the Year Meet and Greet: Joe and Monica want to do a meet and greet again after school is out to raise money. Joe wants names of people who want to donate and come. Jennifer has a list of contacts for baskets if we want to do that, starting in January. James said that we should make a sub-committee to oversee the meet and greet. Monica can also talk to the Acura dealer in Glendale if they want to donate again. Connor thinks we should plan in November and start as early as possible. Monica updated us that $600 was raised and $170 was donated at the fundraiser. 
  8. Stickers/Buttons: Lauryn discussed how hard it was to sell the bracelets at the game. She thought that stickers would be more appealing to high schoolers and buttons could be cool to put on backpacks. Megan said that *ribbons were very popular and they would be cheaper. James suggests to have copies of applications and instead of selling, focus on reaching out to people and other families. As a result of identifying families, people will most likely donate money to the foundation. Megan thinks that selling at the homecoming game would be difficult due to the smaller area this year.


Lauryn adjourned the meeting at 6:57 pm

The Changeworks! Foundation 


Minutes from September 22, 2019


Lauryn called the meeting to order at 6:10 pm


  1. In attendance were Jillian Flynn, Lauryn Zepada, Grace Mokracek, Carlos Rodriguez, Daniel Wilkie, Malia N., Ethan Coomes, Sophia Goodson (Skype), Megan F., and Lottie Jennings.
  2. Club Update Jillian and Carlos described the first CW meeting at Burroughs and discussed the idea of delivering cards to the children’s hospital. Jillian wants to have more ideas for fundraising and Lauryn had the idea of having the other club members participate in the meetings as well. Jillian wants to sell bracelets, but needs to ask a staff member for permission. Jillian had the idea of setting up a table at lunch to sell them, if allowed. Carlos also had the idea of Halloween grams, but we don’t know who will buy them, or if we should make them. Sophia said her school allows clubs to be sponsors of dances/ games. Carlos can talk to his football coach to go over the loudspeaker at homecoming and announce the selling of bands for CW. 
  3. Executive Director gives updates James Coomes ordered the CW bands that will arrive in October (2,000) medium size. Total $680. He prompted how we want to distribute the bands as the board. Currently at a balance of $15,070.57 (cross checking and savings), used paypal. James brought up a possible applicant and discussed how hard explaining and the process of approving the applicant will be. The latest applicant is in 3rd grade (Addie) from St. Genevieve and want to go to TN for a 4th surgery for a brain tumor. James wants us to think about fundraising and create a bigger net to reach out to people in need. 
  4. James announces the grant of Addie who is battling a brain tumor of 6 years. Her mom and dad have a few days left of vacation days and are exhausted. They have an income of required range. This family has expended all their resources and have Addie’s surgery Thursday. They are a local family and we may be able to meet them soon. James said we can make a change in their family tonight. James says we usually give out 3,000 to 5,000 dollars. He said after we make a grant, the donations increase due to the recognization of the club to others. We also rarely get applicants so each one is very important. James thinks we should send them with t-shirts and bracelets on their trip. 
  5. How much should we give?: Lauryn thinks we are in a state to give as much as possible, and that this is a good option. Carlos thinks we need to raise more money and not give too much away. James says he’s worried that people may expect more money if we give large amounts away. Jillian says we should think smart even though we have lots of money currently. She thinks that $5,000 would be a good option. Most people think $4,000 is a good option. 
  6. Ethan motions to give the grant of $4,000 to Addie and her family. Jillian seconds that motion. Everyone was in favor and the vote passed unanimously. 
  7. James called the family and Mr. Martinez answered and Jillian presented the $4,000 grant. James offered to send the check with Ethan to school and give to the families son to get it to them as soon as possible.
  8. Lauryn discussed the possible new design for t-shirts. Daniel proposed sweatshirts or hats. Lauryn wants to manage the budget and save as much money as possible. Lauryn thinks that we can use the t-shirt company for sweatshirts or her uncle’s company. Carlos thinks we can use a club at school to design the shirts. Grace thinks we can also get stickers for the club. Lauryn likes the idea of pins as well. Lauryn thinks we should ask our friends if they will buy the shirts.
  9. Fundraisers Lauryn says that the Cafe de Olla will be a good option for a fundraiser. She also said Blaze Pizza will give 50% for fundraisers and can be a good option. Also boba fundraisers will be a good option (boba loca/boba time). Jillian thinks it should happen after school at 2:30 or 3. Lauryn wants us to get the word out for fundraisers and for pre-orders. James wants to order plaques for Better Fresh Burger and other companies. Lauryn thinks word by mouth is a great way to get the word out for CW as well. Carlos thinks we should put the club on Instagram to find families in need of grants. Lauryn said we can have a donation box for shows, but she needs to ask Mr. Jennings. James thinks we can use Mr. Jennings to help find kids with cancer to help him open up to donation ideas. Carlos thinks Mr. Knoop may know someone with cancer as well. Daniel said he remembered a party at his grandparent’s house and that we should do it again to fundraise. James wants us to communicate with the credit union as well.
  10. The boards decided to give 4 shirts and 6 bracelets to the family.
  11. Lauryn adjourned the meeting at 7:06 pm


The ChangeWorks! Foundation

Minutes from July 28, 2019 Meeting

Jillian Flynn called the meeting to order at 7:10 pm.

  1. In attendance were Jillian Flynn (acting Chai), Lauen Zepada, Carlos Rodriguez, Ethan Coomes, Connor McDonald and James Coomes.  As the Board currently consists of 7 eligible members, quorum was met.
  2. Executive Director selection
    1. Lauren motioned that James Coomes be selected as the Executive DIrector for the 2019-2020 year. Ethan seconded the motion.  The vote passed unanimously.
    2. Carlos motioned that Tom Kluksdahl be selected as the Chief Financial Officer for the 2019-2020 year. Lauen seconded the motion.  The vote passed unanimously.
    3. Jillian nominated Connor McDonald to become the Recording Secretary, and the nomination was accepted by Connor. Ethan motioned that Connor be selected as the Recording Secretary for the 2019-2020 year.  Carlos seconded the motion. The vote passed unanimously.
  3. Leadership positions - Jillian tabled this item to the next meeting by consensus as there are there were only 4 members present and there are a potential 4 additional Board members to be selected.  Current leadership is:
    1. President - Sophia (temporary)
    2. Chair - Jillian (temporary)
    3. Vice Chair - vacant
    4. Secretary - vacant
    5. Treasurer - vacant
    6. Historian - Malia Nagashiki
  4. Executive Director’s Report
    1. Finances
      1. Savings: $14,673.10
      2. Checking: $100.00
      3. PayPal: $278.10
      4. Total Balance: $15,051.20
    2. Recent Expenses
      1. July 1, 2019  - Quarterly web service fee $105.00
      2. Discussed possibility of bringing Webmaster services inhouse if a Board member is interested.  Also discussed Instagram and Facebook presence.
    3. Recent Deposits
      1. June 30, 2019 - $1.17 interest
      2. July 15, 2019 - Membership fee $125.00, MCU contribution $110
    4. Grant Applications
      1. Four potential grant applications remain pending.  The Executive Directo has reached out via e-mail to two of four, and is working on tracking down contact information for the other two.
  5. E-mail addresses
    1. The Board recommended that James  send out e-mail blast to ask if former members would like to keep their ChangeWorks! e-mail addresses.
  6. Pending Board Members - will vote on at  next next meeting.
  7. Burroughs Club - Jillian and Carlos will attend the president’s meeting at the beginning of school.  Will need banner for club rush. Connor recommended giveaways to encourage membership. Looking for teachers as advisors.  Recommend monthly school club meetings. Recommend promotion of Foundation resources for families with childhood cancer.

Jillian adjourned the meeting at 8:03 pm

Meeting minutes respectfully submitted by James Coomes

The ChangeWorks! Foundation

Meeting Minutes for June 17, 2019

Annual Meeting

Ella Jennings called the meeting to order at 6:37 P.M. on June 17, 2019. Board members in attendance were Mia Coomes, Jillian Flynn, Melissa Garcia, Sophia Goodson, and Ella Jennings. 

James Coomes reported that we currently have a total of $14,920.03 in the account. There are currently three pending grant applications.

Ella spoke about making our highest priority giving out grants and finding more potential grant recipients. Connor has been emailing a recipient to schedule a day to meet and give them a grant. 

There are six new potential board members and people are working on recruitment. The next meeting will be the primary recruitment meeting. Additionally, email was agreed to be the best form of communication. 

Sophia motioned and Jillian seconded the motion to have Lauryn Zepada and Malia Nagashiki on the board. The motion was unanimously approved. 

Melissa and Mia stepped down from the board. On the board as of date are: Jillian Flynn, Sophia Goodson, Daniel Wilke, Ethan Coomes, Carlos Rodriguez, Lauryn Zepada, and Malia Nagashiki.

Mia motioned and Ella seconded to make Jillian Flynn temporary Chairperson and Sophia Goodson temporary President until elections in the next meeting. 

The meeting was adjourned at 7:05 P.M. 

Minutes respectfully submitted by Madison Nagashiki


The ChangeWorks! Foundation

Meeting Minutes for April 28, 2019

Call to Order
Review Minutes
Executive Report
Relay for Life
Update on Family
Middle School
Prospective Board Members
Claire called the meeting to order at 7:18 P.M. on April 28, 2019. Board members in attendance were Mia Coomes, Ethan Coomes, Claire Flynn, Jillian Flynn, Ella Jennings, Morgan Mersola, Madison Nagashiki, and Daniel Wilke. Morgan motioned to approve the minutes and Ella seconded the motion. The minutes were unanimously approved.
In the executive report, James reported that we had a recent expense of $105 for website maintenance fees and will be purchasing thank you plaques soon. Recent deposits came from the Credit Union and John Burroughs High School ChangeWorks Club bank account and there are pending donations from Blaze Pizza. Additionally, there are three potential grant applicants. He reviewed the process of electing members who have aged out for roles that require one to be at least 18 years old.
Relay for Life is on May 18-19th. Team ChangeWorks will register to participate in the relay and the luminaria walk but will not have a booth.
Claire and Connor have been in contact with a family that is looking to receive a grant and updated the board on that.
James will email the principals of the local middle schools and it was proposed that a committee speaks to 8th graders who are going into high school. Some suggested ideas for raising awareness at the middle schools were: making copies of the Wilke Book and having a meeting/lunch with the principals.
Jillian and Carlos are interested in leading the club at John Burroughs High School in the 2019-20 school year.
Claire motioned to nominate Carlos Rodriguez as a new board member and Jillian seconded the motion. The board unanimously elected him onto the board.
Claire adjourned the meeting at 8:16 P.M.
Minutes respectfully submitted by Madison Nagashiki


The ChangeWorks! Foundation

Meeting Minutes for March 10, 2019


Call to Order

Review Minutes

Blaze Pizza Fundraiser Review

Executive Report

Recruitment/Board Members Aging Out

Spring Food Festival

Open House

Relay for Life



Claire called the meeting to order at 6:17 P.M. on March 10, 2019. Board members in attendance were Mia Coomes, Ethan Coomes, Claire Flynn, Jillian Flynn, Ella Jennings, Connor McDonald, Morgan Mersola, Madison Nagashiki, and Daniel Wilke. Connor motioned to approve the minutes and Claire seconded the motion. The minutes were unanimously approved.


James reported in the executive report that $13,194.10 is our current bank account balance. Recently, a check of $1000 from Hoover High School’s Stars Shooting for Hope event was deposited. James is working on reaching out to two families that may be eligible for grants and identifying other families that are in need of help. He is also writing letters to the principals of the local middle schools to recruit interested members.


Connor gave a Blaze Pizza Fundraiser Overview. The fundraiser was successful and we raised a total of $818.


Claire addressed the situation of board members aging out. A major concern was the number of members decreasing, leading to a lower quorum. If there is a vacancy in the executive board, it can be temporarily filled by another member and then a new member can eventually be elected.


The ChangeWorks Club at John Burroughs High School is planning to sell food at the annual Spring Food Festival. Carlos offered to talk to someone who works at Frontier Wok to see if they would work with the club on providing food.


Additionally, the club is aiming to hold a booth at the 8th grade open house on March 13th. The booth’s goal is to recruit younger members to join the club and foundation.


Morgan gave an update on Relay For Life. The theme this year is carnival and the Relay For Life board is working on activities. A game for the event and a fundraiser idea is henna. Claire suggested making opportunity baskets but only using donated items.


James spoke more about creating a “thank you” plaque for Better Fresh Burger, the Media City Credit Union, and Hoover High. Mia motioned to spend less than $100 on each plaque and Ethan seconded the motion.


Claire adjourned the meeting at 6:57 P.M.


Meeting minutes respectfully submitted by Madison Nagashiki.

January 27, 2019


  1. Call to Order
  2. Review of Minutes
  3. Staff Report
  4. Blaze Pizza
  5. Better Fresh Burger
  6. Relay for Life
  7. Aging Out/Recruiting New Members
  8. Adjournment

Claire Flynn called the meeting to order at 7:22 P.M. on January 27, 2019. In attendance were Ethan Coomes, Mia Coomes, Claire Flynn, Ella Jennings, Connor McDonald, Madison Nagashiki, Emma Strattan, and Daniel Wilke. Connor McDonald motioned to approve the minutes, and Mia Coomes seconded the motion. The January meeting minutes were unanimously approved.

James Coomes reported in the staff report the current total balance for all accounts and recent donations. The board discussed the fee of maintaining the ChangeWorks website. Connor motioned for the Board to cover the expenses of the website. Claire seconded the motion and the vote was unanimous.

James suggested creating a team of three executive board members to meet with potential candidates for grants and to immediately write a check to them. Mia motioned to create a subcommittee to meet with families to give grants, with a maximum limit of $4,000 per grant. Emma seconded the motion and the vote was unanimous. The board discussed the details of meeting with families for grants and decided Claire, Connor, and Kalea would make up the grant committee.

Connor spoke about a potential fundraiser at Blaze Pizza in which ChangeWorks would be given 50% of the profit from 4-10 P.M. on February 6, 2019, as long as the foundation is mentioned. The board agreed upon advertising by dispersing flyers around John Burroughs High School, Burbank High School, and REI. Ella is going to print out the flyers at the Burroughs’ library, Connor will work on advertising on Good Morning John Burroughs. Emma and Mia will pass out flyers at their respective high schools.

In an update on Better Fresh Burger, Connor discussed the relationship between the foundation and the restaurant. James agreed to create a “Thank You” plaque for the owner of BFB.

Kalea updated the board on Relay for Life and making a game for the upcoming event on May 18, 2019.

In terms of aging out, there are multiple members who will turn 18 years old over the next few months. The board planned on recruiting new members at Jordan Starr Middle School and Luther Burbank Middle School. James said he would write a letter to the principle of the middle schools.

Kalea proposed setting up a table outside of REI and asking people to join Team ChangeWorks at Relay for Life as well as recruiting interested members.

Claire Flynn adjourned the meeting at 8:01 P.M.

Meeting minutes respectfully submitted by Madison Nagashiki.

October 28, 2018 Notes (no quorum)


1. Club update
2. GCC ASB BFB fundraiser
3. Stars Shooting for Hope
Claire officially called the unofficial meeting to order at 7:23 PM. In attendance were Claire Flynn, Jillian Flynn, Melissa Garcia, Ella Jennings, Connor McDonald, and Madison Nagashiki. Quorum was not met, so these are not official minutes.
Claire and Connor delivered a club update about making Better Fresh Burger posters, setting up booths, and planning for the Fall Food Festival. Proposed club fundraisers were a partnership with the Photo Club on an art event at the Wilkes' and a Christmas cookie decorating event. It was decided that the club will focus on the Christmas cookie fundraiser for the fall semester.
Melissa spoke about working with Glendale Community College's ASB to advertise the Glendale Better Fresh Burger location and ChangeWorks. Melissa will create a flyer to send to GCC for advertising on campus.
Connor reported Hoover High's 'Stars Shooting for Hope' and discussed reaching out to the radio station Power106 regarding sponsoring an event for the Foundation.
The unofficial meeting was officially adjourned 7:56 PM.
The next meeting was tentatively scheduled for December 2, 2018.
Minutes respectfully submitted by Madison Nagashiki.
September Meeting






  1. Call to Order
  2. Review of Minutes
  3. Club Update
  4. Stars Shooting for Hope
  5. Better Freshburger
  6. Grant Application
  7.  Email Setup/ Phone Numbers
  8. Grant Applications
  9. Elections
  10. Adjournment


Claire Flynn called the meeting to order at 7:08 PM on September 23, 2018. In attendance were Ethan Coomes, Mia Coomes, Kendelle Dickens, Melissa Garcia, Claire Flynn, Jillian Flynn, Ella Jennings, Connor McDonald, Morgan Mersola, Ethan Moutes, Madison Nagashiki, Emma Strattan, and Daniel Wilke. Morgan motioned to approve the minutes, and Emma seconded the motion. The August meeting minutes were unanimously approved.


Connor and Claire informed the Board on the Burroughs ChangeWorks club, as the club had its first meeting last week. Plans were discussed for prioritizing the club as a primary source for fundraising for the Foundation, and finding more families that are eligible to fill out the grant application and receive aid from ChangeWorks.


Edgar updated the Board on Stars Shooting for Hope—he passed out the tickets for the Board members to distribute to the club members at Burroughs to sell for $5 each. The event will take place on October 12 at Hoover High School, and the celebrities are a contestant on Undateable (NBC), a famous baker, and owner of an exclusive gym that already pledged $500 to the event. There will also be a raffle with tickets sold for $1 each for prizes and baskets. Edgar’s brother also donated t-shirts to the event to tie-dye for fundraising.


Connor reported that there is a new Better Freshburger open in Glendale (near In-N-Out) that also offers a rewards program, allowing customers the option to donate to ChangeWorks while paying at both locations. This also gives ChangeWorks an opportunity to spread the word about our mission and who we are; Connor, Madison, Jillian, and Claire volunteered to be in charge of publicity and information for the Foundation. Connor and Claire will also be discussing the upcoming Fall Food Festival at Burroughs, and if Frank from Better Freshburger would be willing to donate fries for ChangeWorks to sell and raise money to be allotted for grants.


ChangeWorks has a current balance of $1,160.86. Joe Wilke also kindly set up a FaceBook donation link to ChangeWorks for his birthday, raising additional funds for the Foundation as a result.


James suggested meeting with families applying for grants to give them an estimate on how much they can expect to receive, as well as sending a small committee to get to know the family and report back to the Board. He stressed the importance of personal touch and persistence to provide as much aid to families as possible. The next course of action is getting the word out and placing multiple phone calls to Children’s Hospital Los Angeles to raise awareness.


The members up for elections were: Connor and Claire for President, Ella and Kalea for Vice President, and Connor and Kalea for Chair. After Connor was selected, Claire nominated herself to run for Chair against Kalea.


Ella was selected as Vice President, Connor was selected as President, and Claire Flynn was selected as Chair. The current Board positions are Claire Flynn as Chair, Connor McDonald as President, Ella Jennings as Vice President, Madison Nagashiki as Recording Secretary, and Morgan Mersola as Treasurer.


The next meeting will take place at October 28 from 7-8 PM at the Flynns' house.


Claire Flynn adjourned the meeting at 8:01 PM.


The ChangeWorks! Foundation

August Meeting Minutes




  1. Call to Order (Claire)
  2. Review of Agenda (Claire)
  3. Executive Director Report (James)
  4. Treasurer’s Report (Kendelle)
  5. Board Election

    - Claire Flynn, 2018

   - Connor McDonald, 2018

   - Ella Jennings, 2019

  - Ethan Moutes, 2019

  - Kalea Neiviller, 2019

  - Melissa Garcia, 2019

  - Mia Coomes, 2019

  - Emma Strattan, 2020

    - Kendelle Dickens, 2020

  -  Madison Nagashiki, 2020

  - Morgan Mersola, 2020

  - Sophia Goodson, 2020

* Nominees:

  1. Claire Flynn, 2021
  2. Connor McDonald, 2021
  3. Ethan Coomes, 2021
  4. Daniel Wilke, 2021
  5. Lola Salinas
  6. Keely Funston
  7. Jillian Flynn

Claire Flynn called the meeting to order at 7:15 PM. In attendance were Claire Flynn, Connor McDonald, Melissa Garcia, Madison Nagashiki, Kalea Neiviller, Morgan Mersola, Ethan Coomes, Daniel Wilke, Jillian Flynn, James Coomes, and Ella Jennings. The Board reviewed the agenda for the August meeting, and James read his Annual Report to the Foundation, addressing the members in a heartfelt letter concerning the hard work each member has put into fundraising for and maintaining ChangeWorks, as well as updates on grant requests and advice on how best to improve the Foundation. 

Kendelle Dickens reported in the Treasurer’s Report that the Board has a total current balance for all accounts of $11,541.70 to give away, which would equal 2-3 grants based on previous grants from the Foundation. Special events (such as Stars Shooting for Hope), general contributions, and Better Freshburger served as the largest source of income this past year. In the past year alone (FY 2017-2018), ChangeWorks received and fundraised for a total of $5,434.11. The Board as a whole is extremely grateful to all those who donated to the Foundation, and we are looking forward to what we hope will be another successful year in 2018-2019.

Edgar, organizer of Hoover High School’s “Stars Shooting for Hope” and teacher at Hoover, discussed an upcoming fundraiser with radio station Power106 sponsoring the next basketball event “Stars Shooting for Hope” by bringing celebrities to attract the community, which will take place on October 12. All money raised will benefit the ChangeWorks Foundation and the Desi Geestman Foundation, with tickets being sold for $5 each as well as a raffle.

The members up for re-election spoke about their individual reasons for re-running this year, as well as the significance of ChangeWorks in their lives. Ella motioned to elect a slate of five members consisting of Claire Flynn, Connor McDonald, Jillian Flynn, Ethan Coomes, and Daniel Wilke to keep the Board consistent in form while incorporating younger members. Mia seconded the motion, and the motion was unanimously passed.

Mia nominated James as CEO, Tom Kluksdahl was nominated as CFO, and Christina Strattan was nominated as Secretary, and all were unanimously elected by the Board.

Madison nominated herself as Recording Secretary with no competition, and was unanimously nominated and elected as Recording Secretary. Melissa was unanimously nominated and re-elected as Historian. Kalea nominated Morgan Mersola as Treasurer, and was unanimously nominated and elected as Treasurer. Kalea and Ella nominated themselves as Vice President, to be decided at the next meeting. Connor, Mia, and Claire were nominated as President, and Connor and Kalea were nominated for the Chair of the Foundation, to be voted on at the next meeting.

The next meeting was scheduled for September 23, 2018.

The next Better Freshburger fundraiser will take place on September 10, 2018 from 3-9P M.

Claire adjourned the meeting at 8:19 PM.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Ella Jennings.


The ChangeWorks! Foundation
ChangeWorks Meeting Minutes 3/11/18
1. Call to Order
2. Review of Minutes
3. Staff Report
4. Treasurer’s Report
5. Clubs
6. Relay for Life
7. Pinz Fundraiser
8. Website
9. Annual Meeting
10. Concert
11. Adjournment
Connor McDonald called the meeting to order at 4:15 PM. In attendance were Mia Coomes, Kendelle Dickens, Melissa Garcia, Ella Jennings, Connor McDonald, Morgan Mersola, Madison Nagashiki, Emma Strattan, and Evan Troncoso. Also in attendance were Lola Salinas and Micaela Juarez. Morgan motioned to approve the minutes, and Mia seconded the motion. The minutes were unanimously approved. 
Kendelle reported in the Treasurer’s Report that ChangeWorks received a $9.16 deposit from Amazon in the last month. The current balance of the ChangeWorks account is $8,611.75, with a checking balance of $1,696.63, and a total balance of $10,378.38.
Mia is in the process of establishing a ChangeWorks club at her school, St. Genevieve’s, and the board members are trying to start clubs at the other schools in Burbank as well, especially at Luther Burbank Middle School and Burbank High School.
Instead of holding the Meet and Greet at the Pinz bowling alley in May, Connor proposed to the board that a large fundraiser be held instead on a Saturday in April. Evan, Connor, Morgan, and Ella will be on the planning committee for this event, with Connor as the Chair of the event.
Morgan proposed revising the website to make it more inviting and help more people learn about ChangeWorks. James suggested changing the website host and setting a budget to spend annually on website services to find an appropriate vendor for the Foundation. 
The annual meeting will be held as usual in the summer to discuss ChangeWorks events for the upcoming year.
The ChangeWorks foundation will take over planning the concert since it was decided that it was too large of an event for the Burroughs club alone to handle. The Board discussed having bands and musicians perform, as well as having drama students act out skits, and other games and activities will take place. The event will be held at an outdoor park or at the Luther Burbank Middle School field in June of this year. Concessions, drinks, music, and advertising will also need to be provided at the event, as well as lights and audio for the performers.
Connor motioned to adjourn the meeting, and the meeting was adjourned at 4:54 PM.
ChangeWorks! Meeting Minutes 2/11/18
February Meeting

1. Call to Order
2. Review of Minutes
3. Staff Report
4. Financial Report
5. Better Fresh Burger Fundraisers
6. Pinz Fundraiser
7. Annual Meeting
8. Club Update/Club Ideas
9. Meet and Greet
10. Relay for Life
11. Adjournment

Claire Flynn called the meeting to order at 4:24 PM. In attendance were Mia Coomes, Kendelle Dickens, Claire Flynn, Sophia Goodson, Ella Jennings, Connor McDonald, Morgan Mersola, Ethan Moutes, Madison Nagashiki, and Emma Strattan. Morgan motioned to approve the minutes from the January meeting, and Ethan and Connor both seconded the motion. The minutes were unanimously approved. ChangeWorks currently has a checking balance of $1,687.47, a saving balance of $8,611.09, and a total balance of $10,298.56 available for grants. Connor and Melissa are creating a poster to be placed in all Better Fresh Burger locations to promote the Foundation for possible donations from patrons and to raise awareness about ChangeWorks. The Board discussed a Pinz bowling alley fundraiser, which would raise a large amount of money, although selling tickets may be expensive. Claire suggested combining the annual Meet and Greet and the Pinz fundraiser to provide a casual environment while also raising money for Changeworks, although details will need be finalized over the next month. A CPK meeting with the Burroughs ChangeWorks club and the Foundation will help inform club members on the workings of the Board, as well as help test if any club members are interested in becoming members of the Foundation. The Burroughs ChangeWorks club is also planning an event that would involve different performing arts, such as choir, drama, dance, and music, with possible partnerships with local art organizations. The ChangeWorks Relay for Life team is being formed, and the Foundation is in the process of setting up the team on the Relay for Life website, although adult volunteers for the team are needed. Kalea and Morgan are the leaders of the Relay for Life ChangeWorks team this year, and Changeworks is also the 2018 Youth Chair for the event. Board members will need to register for the event and come up with more ideas and games for the booth. As Youth Chair, the Board will need to plan a big game event for the night in addition to the ChangeWorks booth games; sponsorships will need to be sold to generate revenue for the Relay for Life by the American Cancer Society to help cancer patients.The meeting was adjourned at 5:20 PM.
The ChangeWorks! Foundation Meeting Minutes 1/21/18
January 2018
1. Call to Order
2. Review of Minutes
3. Staff Report
4. Calendar
5. Club Update
6. Fundraisers (Better Fresh Burger)
7. T-shirts
8. Relay for Life
9. Adjournment
Claire Flynn called the meeting to order at 4:18 PM on January 21, 2018. In attendance were Mia Coomes, Claire Flynn, Melissa Garcia, Ella Jennings, Connor McDonald, Morgan Mersola, Ethan Moutes, and Emma Strattan. Connor motioned to approve the minutes from the December meeting, and Emma seconded the motion. James reported that the Foundation currently has $9,837.87 available in the ChangeWorks account available for grants. Progress is being made with adding a ChangeWorks club at Luther, the school at which the Foundation was started, and the Board hopes to have a club established by late this year. The club at Burroughs made a profit of $82 due to Holiday Grams made and sold by the members of the club, which proved to be successful in generating money for grants and raising awareness about the club at the high school. Frank from Better Fresh Burger is attempting to open other restaurant locations, and generously offered to continue hold fundraisers for ChangeWorks at the original and other possible locations, as well as hanging a sign for the organization to advertise donations for the monthly fundraisers. The Foundation will sell the existing ChangeWorks T-shirts for $10 (with a profit of $4 for the organization) each to club members and other supporters of ChangeWorks before purchasing new shirts. Claire updated the Board on the status of Relay for Life, as ChangeWorks will need another team captain, since Morgan is still able to be a captain but Claire is unable to attend meetings. A committee was formed by Morgan, Claire, and Ella to schedule a date and work out the details for the annual meeting at California Pizza Kitchen. The meeting was adjourned by Claire Flynn at 5:17 PM.
ChangeWorks! Meeting Minutes 12/10/17
December Meeting
1. Call to Order
2. Review of Minutes
3. Christmas Grams
4. Relay for Life
5. Meet and Greet
6. Recruitment
7. Logo
8. Toys
9. Adjournment
Claire Flynn called the meeting to order at 6:28 PM. In attendance were Claire Flynn, Madison Nagashiki, Melissa Garcia, Emma Strattan, Kendelle Dickens, Connor McDonald, Evan Troncoso, and Ella Jennings. Connor motioned to approve the minutes, and Evan seconded the motion. The minutes were unanimously approved. Claire and Madison bought supplies for the Burroughs ChangeWorks Club to make the Christmas Grams that will be for sale for Burroughs students next week. There is a $3 gram and a $5 gram, made up of a note and candy; the expected profit from the grams is about $350, with the profits going to the Foundation. Relay for Life will be held in May, and ChangeWorks will be attending and holding a booth. The Meet and Greet was briefly discussed, and will be held sometime in the summer of 2018. Subcommittees will be formed to help plan the event. Recruitment is becoming a more pressing issue as current board members are getting older, and efforts are being made to recruit younger members in the Burbank community, including current members of the Burroughs ChangeWorks club. Also, a logo for ChangeWorks is being designed to better fit the image of the Foundation at the Relay for Life event. Keith Kaminski generously donated a large number of toys to ChangeWorks, and the Foundation is currently looking for a charity to donate them to in the name of Keith and the ChangeWorks Foundation. Claire Flynn adjourned the meeting at 7:04 PM.
ChangeWorks! Meeting Minutes 11/12/17
November Meeting
1. Call to Order
2. Review of Minutes
3. Staff Report
4. Pinz
5. Better FreshBurger
6. Recruitment
7. Logo
8. Clubs
9. Adjournment 
 Connor McDonald called the meeting to order at 4:16 PM. In attendance were Connor McDonald, Evan Troncoso, Melissa Garcia, Morgan Mersola, Sophia Goodson, Kendelle Dickens, Mia Coomes, and Ella Jennings. Evan motioned to approve the minutes, and Sophia seconded the motion. The minutes from the October meeting were unanimously passed. James updated the Board on the process of distributing grant applications for ChangeWorks; applications have been passed out to the Mattel Children’s Hospital at the UCLA Medical Center as well as to social workers in pediatric oncology at the Luskin School of Public Administration at UCLA. A window was accidentally broken during the Changeworks Haunted House Fundraiser over the Halloween weekend; due to the final amount raised from the fundraiser, $490.50, the Board decided to cover the cost of replacing the window, about $20.00. Connor motioned for the Board to pay for the replacement of the window, and Evan seconded the motion; the motion was unanimously passed. A Pinz fundraiser is in the works, with a possible time being around January or February. A Chipotle ChangeWorks fundraisers will be held on January 23 and February 27, thanks to Connor McDonald and Emma Strattan organizing them. More efforts will be made to recruit more members for the ChangeWorks Foundation, especially younger members in the middle schools near Burbank. Ethan Coomes, a future member of ChangeWorks, designed a logo for the Foundation at the upcoming Relay for Life event. Mia is attempting to start a ChangeWorks club at her school, St. Genevieve’s, and the Burroughs ChangeWorks club is planning to do Christmas grams as a possible fundraiser idea for the holiday season. Connor adjourned the meeting at 4:43 PM.
ChangeWorks! Meeting Minutes
29 October 2017
1. Call to Order
2. Review of Minutes
3. Staff Report
4. President’s Report
5. Membership Issues
6. Adjournment 
Connor McDonald called the meeting to order at 4:49 PM on October 29, 2017. In attendance were Connor McDonald, Mia Coomes, Madison Nagashiki, Melissa Garcia, Emma Strattan, Morgan Mersola, Kendelle Dickens, and Ella Jennings. Madison motioned to approve the minutes from the July meeting, and Melissa seconded the motion; the minutes were unanimously passed. James Coomes reported that the ChangeWorks Foundation has a current balance of $7, 746.99 in our account, with a recent addition from the ChangeWorks Haunted House put together by the John Burroughs High School ChangeWorks Club raised about $500 on October 27 and 28. The Flynn family hosted the Haunted House, and Tinsley Transfers, Inc. generously donated $994.14 worth of theatrical makeup supplies to the organization. Connor McDonald proposed the “McDoctrine” as a means of organizing funds and better connecting the Foundation. Connor motioned to pursue Chipotle as a possible fundraising  option with Emma, and Madison seconded the motion, and the motion was unanimously passed. Mia motioned to recruit students at Luther Burbank Middle School for starting a ChangeWorks club at the school, and Melissa seconded the motion, and the motion was unanimously passed. The Board discussed the issue of board members that were continuously missing meetings without legitimate reasons. Connor motioned to adjourn the meeting, and Morgan seconded the motion. The meeting was adjourned at 6:07 PM.
ChangeWorks! Meeting Minutes 7/15/17
July Meeting
Agenda:1. Call to Order
2. Review of Minutes
3. Scheduling
4. Meet and Greet
5. Shooting for Hope
6. Movie Night
7. Media City Community Credit Union (MCCCU)
8. Better Freshburger Advertisement/Fundraiser Awareness
9. Communications
10. Elections
11. Absences
12. AdjournmentThe meeting was called to order at 3:12 pm by Mia Coomes. In attendance were Mia Coomes, Madison Nagashiki, Melissa Garcia, Claire Flynn, Evan Troncoso, Connor McDonald, Morgan Mersola, Emma Strattan, Kendelle Dickens, and Ella Jennings. Ethan motioned to approve the June meeting minutes, and Evan seconded the motion. The Meet and Greet will be held on September 10 from 3-6pm. Subcommittees will need to plan out the details of the event, and a meeting will be held on September 8 to finalize the structure of the event. The movie night will take place in a park, although the location, movie being shown, date, and time will still need to be determined. Better Freshburger will be better advertised during school ChangeWorks club meetings the day before Better Freshburger fundraisers, and flyers will be handed out for club members to pass out to peers. Kik will be continue to be used as the primary source of communication between board members in between meetings. The executive board members were elected: Ella Jennings was re-elected as Recording Secretary, Claire Flynn was elected as Chairperson, Connor McDonald was elected as President, Melissa Garcia was elected as Historian, Kendelle Dickens was elected as Treasurer, Emma Strattan was elected as Vice President, and James Coomes was re-elected as CEO. Emails will be sent weekly to board members’ ChangeWorks accounts to ensure that everyone is checking their email constantly. Younger siblings and friends will be brought in by current members to help continue the youth members for ChangeWorks after the current members turn eighteen. Mia Coomes adjourned the meeting at 4:54pm.
The ChangeWorks! Foundation
Meeting Minutes from June 16, 2017


1. Call to Order
2. Review of Minutes/Annual Meeting
3. Meet and Greet 2017
4. Advertisement for Fundraisers
5. Executive Elections
6. Adjournment

Mia Coomes called the meeting to order at 6:20 PM. In attendance were Claire Flynn, Morgan Mersola, Madison Nagashiki, Melissa Garcia, Ethan Moutes, Mia Coomes, Kendelle Dickens, Sophia Goodson, Connor McDonald, and Ella Jennings. Ethan motioned to approve the minutes, and Sophia seconded the motion.

The Meet and Greet was discussed, but no official motions were made regarding the event. The number of people, who to invite, and who will be catering the event will need to be determined, but some of the guests will be Frank from Better Freshburger, Media City Credit Union, City of Burbank supervisors, Bob Frutos, representatives of the City of Burbank council, the police department, Children’s Hospital representatives, Anthony Mancilla from Pizza Studio, Acura of Glendale, Michael Hoefflin representatives, and more. Flyers and invitations are currently  in the making for the Meet and Greet.

The executive elections will be held at the July meeting, so that all board members will have a chance to hold a position. The terms for the three adults will also need to be renewed every year, and will be considered along with the board elections at the July meeting.

Mia Coomes adjourned the meeting at 7:05 PM.
The ChangeWorks! Foundation
Annual Meeting
May 30, 2017
1. Call to Order
2. President's Report (Claire)
3. Chief Executive Officer Report (James)
4. Slate Election:
    • Emma Strattan
    • Kendelle Dickens
    • Madison Nagashiki
    • Morgan Mersola
    • Sophia Goodson
5. Adjournment
Mia Coomes called the meeting to order at 7:27 PM. In attendance were Mia Coomes, Morgan Mersola, Claire Flynn, Connor McDonald, Ethan Moutes, Sophia Goodson, Kalea Neiviller, Emma Strattan, Gianna Geary, Kendelle Dickens, and Ella Jennings. 
Claire Flynn gave her president's report for the year, and celebrated a few of the events that the Foundation organized, including Roy's Run, Michael Hoefflin, the Pizza Studio and Better Freshburger fundraisers, the Media City Credit Union collaboration, a continued partnership with California Pizza Kitchen, and a successful Relay for Life.
Ethan Moutes motioned to renew the terms of the members on the slate, and Claire Flynn seconded the motion. The motion was unanimously passed, and the terms of all five members were renewed. Mia Coomes adjourned the meeting at 7:42 PM.
ChangeWorks! Minutes 4/9/17 
  1. Call to Order
  2. Review of Minutes
  3. Staff Report
  4. Better Fresh Burger
  5. Club
  6. Green Bracelet Campaign
  7. Pizza Studio
  8. Recruitment
  9. Adjournment
Mia Coomes called the meeting to order at 4:41 PM. In attendance were Morgan Mersola, Kendelle Dickens, Connor McDonald, Mia Coomes, and Ella Jennings. Quorum was not reached for this meeting. The minutes were reviewed, but were not approved. Donations and fundraiser profits were deposited in the ChangeWorks bank account, and the most recent Better Freshburger and Pizza Studio fundraisers were successful. The Foundation will also be increasing efforts to get new recruits and raise awareness about ChangeWorks in order to help more families. Mia Coomes adjourned the meeting at 5:50 PM.

ChangeWorks! Meeting 3/12/17

March Meeting


  1. Call to Order
  2. Executive Report
  3. Wilkes Report
  4. Relay for Life
  5. Celebrity Basketball Event at Hoover
  6. Better Freshburger
  7. Michael J. Hoefflin Foundation
  8. Thank-You Cards
  9. Movie Screening
  10. ChangeWorks! Club
  11. Website
  12. Annual Meeting
  13. Recruitment
  14. Gala Event
  15. Adjournment

Claire Flynn called the meeting to order at 5:33 PM. In attendance were Sophia Goodson, Ethan Moutes, Kendelle Dickens, Kalea Neiviller, Evan Troncoso, Claire Flynn, Connor McDonald, and Ella Jennings.

Media City Community Credit Union would like to discuss marketing strategies, advertising, and community events with the Board. Kalea Neiviller, Claire Flynn, Connor McDonald, Kendelle Dickens, Evan Troncoso, and Mia Coomes will meet with the MCCCU.

Also, thank-you cards will be sent to beneficiaries who contributed to ChangeWorks. Connor McDonald motioned to give Dr. Edgar Melik-Stephanyan a ChangeWorks T-shirt in appreciation for his efforts for the Foundation. Kendelle Dickens seconded the motion, and it was unanimously passed.

The Wilkes are working on organizing a 3D screener for Guardians of the Galaxy 2 in an IMAX theater to raise money for ChangeWorks, with hors d'oeuvres and drinks before the movie. Actors from the movie may present at the event, although more details will be available later. The screening will take place in late April or early May.

The ChangeWorks gala will be at the Wilke's house (date TBA). Board members will be present to discuss the foundation with guests and answer any questions they may have. There will be food and drink generously provided by California Pizza Kitchen.

A team and game activity for Relay for Life is in progress. Members for the ChangeWorks RFL team are needed, although they will also be accepted at the door.

Another Better Freshburger fundraiser will be held on Tuesday, March 14. At the last Better Freshburger fundraiser/meeting, $118.33 were raised.

Mia Coomes motioned to adjourn the meeting, and Claire Flynn seconded the motion. The meeting was adjourned at 6:58 PM by Mia Coomes.

ChangeWorks! Minutes 2/13/17
Better Fresh Burger Fundraisers
  1. Call to Order
  2. Review of Minutes
  3. Review of Agenda
  4. Wilkes
  5. Staff Report
  6. Business Cards
  7. Movie Night
  8. Basketball Game
  9. ChangeWorks! Club
  10. Green Bracelet Campaign
  11. Attendance (Penalties)
  12. Email Reminder
  13. Relay for Life
  14. Meet and Greet
  15. Keane S. 
  16. Adjournment
The meeting was called to order at 5:50 PM by Mia Coomes. In attendance were Connor McDonald, Morgan Mersola, Kendelle Dickens, Gianna Geary, Emma Strattan, Dylan Giliberto, Kalea Neiviller, Madison Nagashiki, Melissa Garcia, Mia Coomes, James Coomes, and Ella Jennings. Gianna motioned to approve the minutes, and Kalea seconded the motion; the minutes from the January meeting were unanimously approved. Also,the Wilkes have a friend in IMAX that owns a private theater (that can hold about 100 people) and hold a private screening for ChangeWorks! to raise money. Seventy or eighty people will be able to pay $100 to have hors d’oeuvres or snacks and a premiere movie night (a movie shown a week before it’s released to the general public).A subcommittee of Connor, Gianna, Madison, Melissa, and Claire will organize the movie screening. Claire approved the financial aid check sent to the family of Keane S. The Hoover High School is holding a celebrity basketball game on March 10 to support the ChangeWorks Foundation and another nonprofit charity, with each board member volunteering to sell ten tickets each, for $5 per ticket, with 100% of the proceeds sold by the members going to ChangeWorks. A TV production will also be present at the fundraiser in addition to the main game. Kalea, Claire, and Connor are working on Relay for Life, and will be working on the game for the booth. The event will take place on May 6 and 7, 2017. Also, Media City Community Credit Union would like to set up a short meeting with the foundation to strategize on community events and specific marketing; their marketing firm will meet with the board to discuss options. The Michael J. Hoefflin Walk for Kids with Cancer is scheduled for March 18, in which the board will participate. In order to keep good attendance in the meetings, email reminders and messages will be sent out by Ella every two weeks to ensure that the emails are working, and board members must attend eight meetings in a twelve-month period (a year) beginning at the annual meeting this summer. The meet and greet will either be held at the Wilkes’ house or at Acura of Glendale, depending on the number of people attending. The meeting was adjourned at 6:32 PM by Mia Coomes.
ChangeWorks! Meeting 1/7/17 (Delayed Holiday Party)
1. Call to Order
2. Review of Minutes
3. Agenda
4. Staff Report
5. Relay for Life
6. Printer
7. Meet and Greet
8. Green Bracelet Campaign
9. Movie Night
10. Communication
11. Adjournment
The meeting was called to order at 6:14 PM by Mia Coomes. In attendance were Mia Coomes, Claire Flynn, Emma Strattan, Sophia Goodson, Kendelle Dickens, Kalea Neiviller, Ethan Moutes, and Ella Jennings. Emma Strattan motioned to approve the minutes, and Claire Flynn seconded the motion; the minutes for the November meeting were unanimously approved. As of now, a partnership is pending with Warner Brothers. A Santa Monica business printer Tim Dunn kindly offered to print personalized business cards for the members of the Foundation and create a pre-paid postcard for ChangeWorks. Mia Coomes, Kendelle Dickens, and Sophia Goodson will be in the subcommittee for managing the prints. Also, the Relay for Life event will take place on May 6th and 7th. Emma Strattan motioned to have the Meet and Greet at Acura of Glendale, and Kalea Neiviller seconded the motion; it was passed unanimously. Claire Flynn will call Acura of Glendale to arrange a date and discuss the setup of the event. The Green Bracelet Campaign will be starting up again at high schools Burroughs, Flintridge Preparatory, and possibly Burbank. Communication needs to be strengthened within the Board, as many agenda items are unresolved with no updates. The family with a patient receiving financial aid from the ChangeWorks Foundation will meet up with the Board and will be presented with a check to support their hospital bills and medical needs. The meeting was adjourned at 6:53 PM by Mia Coomes.
ChangeWorks! Meeting 11/13/16
  1. Call to Order
  2. Review of Minutes
  3. Joe and Monica
  4. Staff Report
  5. Credit Union Meeting Follow-Up
  6. Financial Report
  7. T-shirts
  8. Movie Night
  9. Grant (Madison)
  10. Club Review
  11. Better Fresh Burger
  12. Meet and Greet
  13. Business Cards
  14. Venturing
  15. Adjournment
Mia Coomes called the meeting to order at 4:20 PM. In attendance were Mia Coomes, Melissa Garcia, Madison Nagashiki, Ethan Moutes, Kendelle Dickens, Evan Troncoso, Connor McDonald, and Ella Jennings. James Coomes, Monica and Joe Wilke, and Bronwyn Fitting were also present at the meeting. Ethan motioned to approve the minutes, and Madison seconded the motion. The minutes were unanimously approved, with none opposed and no abstentions. Joe and Monica Wilke kindly offered to help with the next ChangeWorks! Fundraiser, and recommended that we work with Acura of Glendale. Also, a $75 donation by Father Steve was made to the Changeworks! Foundation after he ran a marathon in honor of Christopher Wilke. Also, the credit union is now official partners with ChangeWorks!, and they will donate to the Foundation quarterly; also, people who donate more than $25 to ChangeWorks! will be able to become members of the credit union as a result. There is a silk-screen printer at My T Graphic, which ChangeWorks! may use to print t-shirts for board members and to sell to supporters of the Foundation. However, funds are needed to supply the shirts to be printed. The movie night for Burbank’s public will be held at the John Burroughs high school baseball field if permitted; if it is not available, then the event will be held at a public park instead. ChangeWorks! has a current balance of just over $7,500, and will help a patient’s family with their out-of-pocket expenses of $9,000 by donating money to help with the medical costs. Ethan motioned to donate money to the family, and Connor seconded the motion. The motion was unanimously passed. Better Fresh Burger also offered to help set up a fundraiser with the Foundation, possibly around late January or early February. The next Meet and Greet will be held at the Acura dealership this year. Connor, Madison, Mia, and Evan will be in charge of arranging a meeting with Acura. Business cards will be both personal and business (ChangeWorks! headquarters information and each personal board member’s contact information). Mia Coomes adjourned the meeting was adjourned at 5:15 PM
Minutes respectfully submitted by Ella Jennings.
Agenda 10/23/16
ChangeWorks! Meeting
1. Call to Order
2. Review of Minutes
3. Staff Report
4. Business Cards
5. Club Review
6. T-shirts
7. Movie Night (WB?)
8. Grant Application
9. Credit Union
10. Hoover High School Fundraiser
11. Fundraisers (Haunted House, Toy Drive)
12. Adjournment
The meeting was called to order at 4:21 PM by Mia Coomes. In attendance were Morgan Mersola, Mia Coomes, James Coomes, Sophia Goodson, Kendelle Dickens, Connor McDonald, Evan Troncoso, Ethan Moutes, Claire Flynn, Emma Strattan, and Ella Jennings. 
The minutes were unanimously approved. Morgan motioned that the Foundation participates by selling a minimum of 100 tickets for the Hoover High School fundraiser “Stars Shooting for Hope”, and Evan seconded the motion. The motion was unanimously approved, with no abstentions or opposals. The current balance is $7,531.30 for the Foundation. The ChangeWorks! Club at Burroughs is finding new fundraisers for the ChangeWorks! Club to participate in to raise money for the Foundation, and is receiving new members to . The board members also agreed to change the Foundation’s t-shirt design or colors (black with green lettering, white with green lettering) and possibly creating sweatshirts and other clothing items such as socks. The board will discuss the issue of t-shirt and sweatshirt colors and designs at the next meeting. 
A new grant application was submitted to be approved by the board, and had a large number of out-of-pocket expenses. The family met all of the criteria, and the present board members agreed unanimously to help them, and the amount to be granted will be determined at the next meeting. Connor motioned to support the family by granting them a certain amount of money to help with their financial expenses, and Claire seconded the motion. There were no oppositions or abstentions. 
The ChangeWorks! Foundation will be supporting a less-known children’s hospital to help give them recognition by fundraising around the holidays, most likely with a toy drive. Ella, Sophia, Ethan, and Kendelle will be working on the toy drive, which may be held at Saint Joseph’s Hospital.
Mia Coomes motioned to adjourn the meeting at 5:21 PM, and Ethan Moutes seconded the motion.
ChangeWorks! Minutes
11 September 2016
1. Call to Order
2. Review of Minutes
3. Agenda and Clubs
4. Staff Report
5. Fundraisers
6. Business Cards
7. Social Media
8. CPK Grant Night
9. Chief Financial Officer Report
10. Brainstorming
11. Adjournment
Mia Coomes called the meeting to order at 4:15 PM, September 11, 2016. In attendance were Emma Strattan, Kalea Neiviller, Claire Flynn, Evan Troncoso, Connor McDonald, Kendelle Dickens, Sophia Goodson, Mia Coomes, Morgan Mersola, Madison Nagashiki, Gianna Geary, Ella Jennings, Ashley Best, and Collin Johnson. 
The club at Burroughs had its first meeting on Tuesday, September 6, and gained new members, and had 108 people sign up for more information about the ChangeWorks! Foundation. Also, ChangeWorks! may collaborate with the organization Lollipops for Love, which is also student-run. We will also be hosting a movie night with a Warner Brothers DC superhero movie, with the movie, location, and date still to be determined. Mia Coomes adjourned the meeting at 5:29 PM.
Movie fundraiser at Griffith park? Burroughs? starlight/hollywood bowl? contact warner brothers for movie
talk to Jenny Griffin for parks and rec, movie at griffith park
brainstorming notes: halloween: haunted house/maze/trick-or-treating, partner up with maze people & charge money for maze, split profit, help setup maze? or haunted house at burroughs
halloween maze committee: gianna, morgan, sophia, evan, claire, collin, ella, kalea, connor
dance/concert? local artists/bands, DJ, caterers
kalea:contact people for backwoods (maze), remind app, keyword & send out notifications for reminders, gianna & kalea: concert/school of rock
smaller childrens’ hospitals (not just Children’s Hospital): give toys near Christmastime
madison & melissa: instagram
idea jar: put ideas on piece of paper, pull idea out of jar when need new fundraiser 
twitter: gianna & kalea taking over twitter

Meeting Minutes from July 10, 2016

Meeting called to order at 4:15 pm by Mia Coomes

In attendance: Ethan Moutes, Sophia Goodson, James Coomes, Emma Strattan, Mia Coomes, Morgan Mersola, Kalea Neiviller, Claire Flynn, Madison Nagashiki, Evan Troncoso, Connor  MacDonald, Kendelle Dickens, Joe Wilke, Troy Goodson, Daniel Wilke, Ethan Coomes and

Simone Goodson

Review of Minutes

  • Emma’s last name needs to be corrected

  • Morgan motioned to approve the minutes with the corrections made, Ethan seconded.

  • Approved unanimously

Grant Applicant

  • Aiden S.  was selected to receive the Foundation’s first grant.  Arrangements were made to grant the family $4,000.

Upcoming fundraisers

  • Il Capricio - Kalea is coordinating with this restaurant for a possible fundraiser.

  • Connor is going to approach Better Fresh Burger about a possible fundraiser.  The owner’s name is Frank.

  • Morgan is continuing to work on Batcade

Burbank Printing

  • Claire spoke with David Giesen at Burbank Printing.  Claire delivered payment for the program brochures.  He will follow up with Madison with a cc to Rose regarding business checks.  Madison will follow up with a telephone call regarding the business cards.

R4L 2017

  • Connor, Kalea and Claire will serve as team captains for R4L 2017


  • Historian - Sophia and Morgan were nominated for this position.  Morgan was selected by the Board.

  • Vice President - Madison and Kalea were nominated for this position.  Madison was selected by the Board.

  • Treasurer - Dylan and Ethan were nominated for this position.  Ethan was selected by the Board.

  • Recording Secretary - Ella ran uncontested for this position and was selected by the Board.

  • President - Connor and Claire were nominated for this position.  Claire was selected by the Board.

  • Chair - Connor, Kalea and Mia were nominated for this position.  Mia was selected by the Board.

Goals for 2016-2017

  • Movie night fundraiser.  Need location and date.  Warner Bros.  to be approached for movie selection.  Kalea and Connor will chair this event, and a tentative date will be established for October.  Madison will call Burbank Printing to discuss how to publicize this event.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:36 pm.

Minutes respectfully submitted by James Coomes

Meeting Minuts for June 12, 2016

The meeting was called to order at 4:30 PM, June by Claire Flynn. Present were  Morgan Mersola, Claire Flynn, Madison Nagashiki, Connor McDonald, Melissa Garcia, Ethan Moutes, Emma Strattan, Sophia Goodson, James Coomes, Mia Coomes and Ella Jennings. We raised $2,450 at An Evening with the ChangeWorks! Foundation. Thank you to everyone who attended and donated to the event. Also, James talked about a young boy named Aidan who was diagnosed with leukemia. Aidan’s family has a low income of about $19,000 a year after taxes. They have spent about $2,600 in hospital visits alone last month. As we now have about $14,000 in our bank account now, Claire motioned to give Aidan’s family a $4,000 grant to help with their medical expenses, and Ethan seconded the motion.  The motion was unanimously carried, with none opposed and no abstentions. At the Meet and Greet, CPK donated about $1,200 in food, service and supplies. Also, we raised $277.14 at the annual meeting. We raised $2,024 at Relay for Life at the ChangeWorks! Booth for the American Cancer Society. At the Burbank City Council Meeting, Connor and Sophia would like to present. The board unanimously re-elected James as CEO. Claire Flynn adjourned the meeting at 6:07 PM.

Elections nominations for July meeting:

CHAIR: mia & claire

PRESIDENT: connor & claire


TEASURER:connor & ethan

VICE PRESIDENT: madison & sophia

HISTORIAN: sophia & morgan & connor


  • Held in parking lot of Acura of Glendale?

  • Wear formal clothing with ChangeWorks! lanyard

  • Have everyone go on stage but not everyone speak

  • Possible fundraiser could be a movie night

  • BUSINESS CARDS: name, logo, website, email


Giant Connect-4 Board!

Communication strategy for Board:

  • Use Messenger?

  • Board is going to try Kik

Possible Relay for Life Team Captains: (to be voted upon next meeting)

Choose two:

  • Morgan

  • Connor

  • Sophia

  • Kalea

Next meeting: July 10, 2016, location TBA

Annual Meeting - May 12, 2016


Call to Order - Mia Coomes, Chairperson of the Board

President’s Report - Claire Flynn

Chief Executive Officer’s Report - James Coomes

Treasurer’s Report - Dylan Giliberto

Slate Election - Madison Nagashiki, Vice President

The Slate - Ella Jennings (3-year term)

Mia Coomes (3-year term)

Ethan Moutes (3-year term)

Melissa Garcia (3-year term)

Kalea Neiviller (3-year term)

Kendelle Dickens (1-year term to fulfill the original 3-year term of Gabriella Sassenrath, can run for re-election for a full term next year)


Meeting Minutes for April 29, 2016

Claire Flynn called an impromptu meeting to order at 9 pm on April 29, 2016 following the La Canada "Strike Out Cancer" softball game.

In attendance were Claire Flynn, Evan Troncoso, Connor MacDonald, Melissa Garcia, Madison Nagashiki, Kendelle Dickens, Mia Coomes, Emma Strattan, Cristina Strattan, James Coomes and Morgan Mersola (via FaceTime).

The Board voted to approve the ordering of new ChangeWorks! t-shirts through Screen Graphics printing, starting with a printing of 50 shirts.  James has been tasked with making the arrangements.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:20 pm.

Minutes respectfully submitted by James Coomes

Meeting Minutes for March 13, 2016

Claire Flynn called the meeting to order at 4:10 PM, March 13, 2016.
In attendance were Claire Flynn, Kalea Neviller, Evan Troncoso, Gianna Geary, Morgan Mersola, Emma Strattan, Sophia Goodson, Dylan Giliberto, Melissa Garcia, Madison Nagashiki, Kendelle Dickens, Ella Jennings, and Joe and Monica Wilke.
A Meet and Greet will be held around the Spring Break, in which selected ChangeWorks! board members will meet and inform donators about the ChangeWorks! foundation. Also, the mayor of Burbank, the City of Glendale, and M. and Mrs. Hoefflin would like to attend the Meet and Greet, and would like to invite the board members to attend a City Council meeting and inform them about ChangeWorks! and their mission. In addition, Acura of Glendale generously donated $2,000 to the Foundation.
The ChangeWorks! Foundation also has an opportunity to be on the Ellen show in order to raise awareness about the ChangeWorks! Foundation.
Claire Flynn motions to adjourn the meeting, and Gianna seconded the motion. The meeting was adjourned at 5:40 PM.
Minutes respectfully submitted by Ella Jennings.

Meeting Minutes for January 10, 2016

The meeting was called to order at 4:20 PM on January 10, 2016 by Mia Coomes.

In attendance were Mia Coomes, James Coomes, Claire Flynn, Ethan Moutes, Dylan Giliberto, Morgan Mersola, Kalea Neiviller, Evan Troncoso, Connor McDonald, Sophia Goodson, Emma Strattan, Madison Nagashiki, Melissa Garcia, and Ella Jennings.

James Coomes arranged a PayPal and Amazon Smile account for the ChangeWorks! foundation, which allows the foundation to receive a percentage of the money collected by the above organizations.

Annual Meeting

Claire motioned to have the annual meeting at California Pizza Kitchen, on May 22, 2016. Ethan Moutes seconded the motion, and the motion was unanimously approved.

Board elections will take place at the annual meeting.


A fundraiser, titled “An Evening with the ChangeWorks! foundation” will take place in the spring. Also, an event will be held at El Capriccio; however, no date has yet been determined.

Mia Coomes motioned to adjourn the meeting, and Emma Strattan seconded the motion.The meeting was adjourned at 5:52 PM.

Meeting minutes for December 18, 2015

Mia Coomes called the meeting to order at 5:20 pm

In attendance: Mia Coomes, Claire Flynn, Emma Strattan, Evan Troncoso, Morgan Mersola, Melissa Garcia, Madison Nagashiki, Dylan Giliberto, Sophia Goodson, Kendelle Green, Katie Jin, Malia Nagashiki, Connor McDonald and James Coomes.

Special guests  - Suzie Becken,  Danella Quitner,  Monica Wilke and Joe Wilke

Review of Minutes

  • Madison’s name was misspelled under new items.  She was also at the last meeting.

  • Melissa was at Rockin’ for Edison

  • The last meeting was scheduled for December 13th and changed (not the 12th)

The minutes were accepted with the identified changes

Staff Report

James received information from Gianna that it is too late  to do caroling at Children’s Hospital LA.  She did report that they have contact with a counselor at CHLA who is putting them in touch with Dr. Mena.  She hopes to speak with Dr. Mena in January to set up a meeting and discuss how he may be able to refer families to the Foundation so that we may provide some assistance.

A checking account has been established with Media City Community Credit Union.  Fees will be $10 per month to maintain this account, and $120 has been transferred to fund the account for one year.  Credit Union CEO Ana Ordonez is interested in hosting members of the Foundation at the Credit Union to have a discussion about financial management as well.  At or before the next meeting, Claire and Dylan will have the opportunity to select check styles, which will be ordered through a third party.

Relay for Life Guest Speakers Suzie Becken and  Danella Quitner

Susie is the people leader and Daniella is the event leader for the 2016 Relay for Life Burbank.  They thanked the Foundation for raising $2633 for the American Cancer Society in 2015, and discussed 2016 planning.  In 2015, Relay for Life Burbank raised $171,000, and has set the 2016 goal of $250,000.  Susie and Daniella’s goal for 2016 is to make the event more fun, and specifically to reach out to youth for input on event ideas.  Both Susie and Daniella are very interested in partnering with the Foundation to do this.  Morgan is currently a Board member who is on the Relay planning committee.

The following ideas were discussed:

  • Relay Night at Games and Thrones with advanced sales of cards, a Relay for Life display, and raffles or opportunity drawings.

  • Relay for Life at schools - Includes Relay Recess at elementary schools and field day at the middle schools.  High school involvement is more complicated and requires having volunteers to help at the schools.

  • Foundation members recommended that, in addition to sponsoring a booth at the Relay, a contest during the day and a stage event at night would be fun.  Members recommended a dance contest, a glowstick dance, and a midnight bicycle parade.

  • Other event opportunities outside of the Relay date included laser tag or go-karting.  Susie and Daniella recommended partnering with the Foundation to co-host these events.  All funds raised in partnership with the Foundation would be credited to Team ChangeWorks! for this year’s Relay.

Foundation members recommended avoiding events around finals, and to target events for spring break or weekends.

Elementary schools with ties to the Foundation include Edison, Emerson, Jefferson,.  

Middle schools include Muir, Luther and Jordan.

High schools through ASB would want a portion of the proceeds.  A recommendation was made to approach ASB’s to talk about this and explore volunteer hour credits.

Foundation members are encouraged to e-mail Morgan and Kalea about additional partnership ideas.

Fundraising Proposal - Joe Wilke

Joe and Monica Wilke would like to host a meet and greet event at their home.  They have already completed some of the legwork, and are recommending that the Foundation ask for $75 to $100 per person.  Wine (for adults), cheese, nonalcoholic drinks and other types of food would be served.

Gillian Stone, Executive Director of the Michael Hoefflin Foundation would like to help.

Other adults have offered to set up a PayPal account to accept donations, and many other organizations have offered to provide assistance, including Acura of Glendale who has offered to be the first corporate sponsor of the event.

Joe and Monica need:

  • Approval of the Foundation,

  • A date with 5 to 6 months lead time

  • Participation from all Foundation Directors to talk about the Foundation

  • A letter to invite people

  • A letter asking for sponsorship

Daniella suggested using the Relay for Life model with different sponsorship levels.  She will provide the info to Morgan.

Connor motioned that the meet and greet happen.  Emma seconded the motion.  Motion passes unanimously

Tasks in preparation for meet and greet event:

Event Chairs - Connor, Evan, Claire and Madison to co-chair event with Monica Wilke

Write invitation letter - Claire

Create presentation for the event -

Set up a meeting with Acura of Glendale (Nancy) -

Outreach to Ms. Stacey from Jordan Middle School -

School reports

Connor and Morgan met with Ms. Vazquez at Burroughs High School.  Their constitution has been written and the club was approved to be up and running in the second semester.  They are also encouraging more friends from school to participate in Board meetings.

Mia is introducing the Foundation to St. Genevieve High School as a service hour opportunity.  She is waiting to determine whether it should become a formal club at the school.

Sophia reported that she spoke with her principal at Susanne Middle School in Walnut, and that the principal indicated that they cannot create a ChangeWorks! club at the school.

Financial Update

Dylan reported that there is currently $3,954.10 in the Foundation savings account (with $25 unavailable due to the minimum balance requirement.  There is also $120.00 in the newly established checking account.  The total account balance is $4,174.10.

2016 Foundation Calendar Review


  • January 10 Board meeting at the McDonald home


  • February 14 - possible Board meeting location at the Nagashiki home


  • March 13 Board meeting location TBD

  • March 19 Michael Hoefflin Foundation Walk


  • April 10 Board meeting location TBD


  • May 8 Annual Meeting (tentative).  Connor recommended and will inquire about 818 Sports and Pizza as the location

  • May 14-15 Relay for  Life Burbank at Robert Gross Park


  • June 12 Board meeting

  • Roy’s Run (tentative)


  • Meet and Greet (tentative)


  • August 14 Board meeting


  • September 11 Board meeting


  • October 9 Board meeting


  • November 13 Board meeting


  • Annual ChangeWorks! Holiday Party TBD

New Items

Caroling or Gift Drive - Morgan

Morgan looked into caroling and hosting a gift drive for Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.  She learned that this must be coordinated months in advance and suggested that the Board start working on this in August 2016.  She is going to continue to look into caroling and will report back to the Members.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:34 pm

Minutes respectfully submitted by James Coomes

Meeting Minutes for November 8, 2015

  1. Call to Order

a. Chair Mia Coomes called the meeting to order at 4:19 pm. In attendance were Mia Coomes, Evan Troncoso, Kendelle Dickens, Morgan Mersola, James Coomes, Connor McDonald, Gianna Geary, Kalea Neiviller, Claire Flynn, Ethan Moutes, Madison Nagashiki and Sophia Goodson. Dylan Giliberto and Ella Jennings were unavailable for today’s meeting.  James offered to take minutes for this meeting.

  1. Review of Minutes

    1. Giana motioned to approve the minutes.  Morgan seconded the motion.  The minutes were accepted as written.

  2. Financial Report

    1. Mia provided the financial report.  There is currently $4103.93 in the savings account.  Reviewed the ledger.  Corrections to the spelling of Katy Jin and Ben Peresie.  Discussion of what interest and share dividends are.

  3. Relay for Life Burbank 2016

    1. Morgan and Kalea are team captains for R4L 2016.  

    2. Role of team captains for relay for life:  attend monthly R4L meetings, organize ChangeWorks booth, plan activities for event, request donations for prizes, organize team.

    3. The event is Saturday, May 14, 2016.

    4. James encouraged everyone to create their individual R4L page at

  4. 2016 Budget and Goals

    1. Discussion of new members.  Many current members have younger siblings that would like to get involved.

    2. Fundraising goal for 2016: $6000, voted on unanimously in support of.

      1. CPK fundraiser - Claire

      2. Il Capriccio - Kalea

      3. Bryan Cave and Associates - Madison  

      4. Partnerships with schools  and ASB recognition - James and one representative from each school. Kalea at Burroughs, Mia at St. Genevieve, Ethan at Flintridge Prep, Dylan and Emma at Burbank.

      5. Christmas caroling and gift drive - Gianna, Morgan and Sophia

    3. Build a bigger name for the Foundation in 2016.

  5. Executive Committee Duty Statements

    1. James distributed the duty statements - also posted on the Google Drive site.

  6. New Items

    1. High School Clubs - Connor working on ASB forms for Burroughs HS.  Ethan will look into Flintridge.  Board members will update the Board via e-mail on their progress.

    2. WIlke picture book - Morgan would like to collect more pictures for this book.  Members are asked to print and submit pictures from the various events over the past year.

    3. Rockin’ for Edison review - Mia, Madison, Connor, Evan Gianna, Sophia and Melissa attended.  The event was coordinated by Gianna.  $32 and a lot of awareness was raised.  Gianna appreciated everyone’s participation.

    4. December meeting details - Next meeting will be the ChangeWorks! Christmas party on Friday December 18th (no meeting on December 13th).  Meeting at 4 pm with a party to follow.  Will include a Secret Santa activity.  Details to follow.  Unanimous agreement to move the meeting date for the party.

    5. Business cards - Madison, Claire and Sophia are looking into obtaining business cards.

    6. Motion by Kalea to create a Historian position as part of the Executive Board.  Second by Ethan.  Passed unanimously.

    7. Gianna nominated Morgan as the Historian, Sophia seconded.  Morgan accepted the nomination.  Passed unanimously.

    8. James reviewed proposal for membership management which was approved by the Board.  James will proceed with the creation of a membership database in the Google Drive, as well as a permission process for members to have their names posted on the public website.

  7. Adjournment  - The meeting adjourned at 5:51 pm.

Meeting Minutes for October 11, 2015

Call to Order:

The meeting was called to order by Claire Flynn. Present were James Coomes, Claire Flynn, Morgan Mersola, Connor McDonald, Sophia Goodson, Gianna Geary, Madison Nagashiki, Dylan Giliberto, and Ella Jennings.

Review of Minutes:

Connor McDonald motioned to approve the minutes, and Morgan Mersola seconded the motion. The minutes were unanimously approved.


In our bank account, the current balance is $3,869.77 in U.S. currency. For 2016, the maximum amount we can raise is $50,000, unless a higher 501c3 status is achieved. The goal for the ChangeWorks! Foundation for 2016 will be set at the next meeting. At the November board meeting, a budget will be set for 2016. Claire Flynn motioned to set the budget at the November meeting, and Morgan Mersola seconded the motion. Also, James Coomes will create a worksheet to assist the board members in fundraising. Dylan Giliberto received an additional $22 for the 2016 Green Bracelet Campaign.

Claire Flynn adjourned the meeting at 6:09 PM.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Ella Jennings with assistance from James Coomes.

Meeting Minutes for September 13, 2015

Call to Order:

The meeting was called to order by Claire Flynn. Present were James Coomes, Madison Nagashiki, Melissa Garcia, Sophia Goodson, Ethan Moutes, Gianna Geary, Claire Flynn, Connor McDonald, Emma Strattan, Gabriella Sassenrath, and  Ella Jennings.

Finances and Goals:

The ChangeWorks! Foundation has raised $3,847.61 this calendar year, with help from fundraisers and donations. Letters of appreciation and thanks will be sent to the individuals and organizations that helped us to reach this amount. The executive board approved the fundraising goal for this calendar year to be $5,000. The Foundation will reach this goal through fundraisers (CPK, high school/educational, and lemonade/bake sales are possible candidates) and donations from the community and organizations. In order to hold fundraisers, ChangeWorks! will need to obtain a permit from the city.

Grant Applications:

Grant applications allow selective families with cancer patients that meet the application criteria (must live in California, have a monthly salary under a certain amount of money, the patient must be under 18)  to receive financial aid from the ChangeWorks! Foundation to help pay off any hospital debts or bills due to the illness. Claire Flynn motioned to approve the grant applications, and Emma Strattan seconded the motion. The board unanimously approved the application.


The meeting was adjourned at 5:47 PM by Claire Flynn.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Ella Jennings with assistance from James Coomes.

Meeting Minutes for August 9, 2015

  1. Call to Order - Mia
  2. Review of Minutes - Ella
  3. Staff Report - James (in absentia)
    1. Bank deposits have been made, bank account access was arranged for our Treasurer
    2. Templates have been created for our grant application
    3. Dylan and Mia fulfilled an invitation to speak at the Burbank Sunrise Kiwanis meeting on August 5th.
    4. Tasks that I hope to complete prior to the next meeting include an online listing of all Foundation members on our website and a corresponding permission logging process to authorize the posting of member names.
    5. At some point in the near future, I would also like to complete a set of “duty statements” for executive board members.  This information comes directly from our bylaws, and if anyone would like to help with this, it would be greatly appreciated.
    6. I would like to encourage the Board to establish a 2015 fundraising goal.  We have raised almost $2,000 this calendar year for the Foundation.  Our 501c3 status allows us to raise up to $50,000 per year.  While that goal may be too high over the next few years, our Chief Financial Officer Tom Kluksdahl who many met at the June meeting encouraged us to set a goal and develop a strategy to reach it.  The more money we raise, the more we can give away.
    7.  We have been invited to speak at the Burbank Noontime Kiwanis club that meets at the YMCA.  I would like to encourage the Board to put together a Speaker’s Bureau.
  4. Treasurer’s Report - Dylan
  5. Bryan Cave Fundraiser  - Madison
    1. Madison Nagashiki reported that ChangeWorks! raised $1,110 at the Bryan Cave Fundraiser.
  6. New Items - All
    1. a.Ella and Sam Peresie operated a lemonade stand on the Bikepath, and as a result, they raised $240 for the ChangeWorks! Foundation.
  7. New Goal
    1. The ChangeWorks! executive board committee set a 2015 fundraising goal as $5,000. However, our 501c3 status enables us to raise up to $50,000.
    2. Speaker’s Bureau
  8. Candidates for the Speaker’s Bureau include Gianna Geary, Claire Flynn, Madison Nagashiki, Connor McDonald, Sophia Goodson, and Mia Coomes. Speakers will represent ChangeWorks! in public events and give speeches. Speakers should know and understand the mission of ChangeWorks! and the core beliefs of the Foundation
  9. Adjournment

Minutes respectfully submitted by Ella Jennings

Meeting Minutes for July 12, 2015

The meeting was called to order at 4:37 pm.  In attendance were Emma Strattan, Mia Coomes, Claire Flynn, Madison Nagashiki, James Coomes, Ethan Moutes, Jerzy , Evan Troncoso, Morgan Mersola, Gianna Geary, Kalea Neiviller, Kendelle Dickens and Katie Jin.  Giana volunteered to take minutes in absence of the Secretary.

Staff Report

Check Writing

Check writing requires that the Foundation open a checking account.  James has consulted with Media City Community Credit Union where the Foundation account is currently located.  As the Foundation is a corporation, it is not possible to open a fee-free checking account, and checking accounts have fees of $10 per month and the cost of checks.  The Board gave authorization to Claire and Mia to discuss this with the Foundation’s financial institution and open a checking account.  Currently the only funds to be dispersed are for reimbursement of James (see prior meeting minutes), but that can wait until the checking account issue is resolved.

The Grant Application

The grant application is currently under development.  The Board opted to limit applicants to reside in California as the Foundation is incorporated in California and it would be easier for Board members to outreach to grant recipients within the State.

Fundraising Partnership with Media City Community Credit Union

Media City Credit Union is interested in pursuing a fundraising relationship with the Foundation, but is in need of a more formal mechanism with which to identify Foundation members.  The Board recommended that a member page be created on the Foundation website, and directed James to develop a way to get approval from members to post their names on the website.  Members may opt to make donations to the Foundation without having their names publicized.  James will also develop a member directory available only to Board members using the Google Drive.


The current bank account balance is $1,619.74.  Claire Flynn presented the Foundation with a check from the California Pizza Kitchen fundraiser for $487.69.  Claire and Mia will make arrangements to make a deposit at Media City Community Credit Union and bring the balance to $2107.43.  Current outstanding expenses are the bracelet order reimbursement and banner reimbursement (for a total of $640.15) will bring the balance to $1,467.28 once a check writing mechanism has been established.

Roy’s Run

Roy’s Run was a success!  Participating members included Mia, Claire, James, Ethan Coomes, Dylan, Evan, Morgan, Kristy Mersola, Kendelle, Connor and Daniel Wilke.  Roy Wiegand personally thanked members in attendance at the run for their support.

Girl Scout Silver Award Project Proposal

Katie Jin is a girl scout and is working on a project to create and donate care packages to children at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.  She is requesting that the Foundation donate bracelets to place in the baskets.  The Board unanimously supported this request and asked Katie to let the Board know if there is anything else that Foundation members could do to help with this project.

Executive Committee Positions

The Board discussed the status of the executive committee.  During the conversation, the Board learned about the concept of consensus and when consensus may be used in lieu of a formal vote.  The Board determined that since the Foundation is still in its inaugural calendar year, all executive committee positions will be continued for the time being to allow current executive committee members the opportunity to further develop their role, and to provide consistency in structure for the first full year of operation.  All Board members and members present agreed via consensus.  The process of executive committee selection will continue to be discussed at future meetings with the ultimate goal of electing executive board members at the meeting following the Annual Meeting every year.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:41 pm.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Gianna Geary with edits by James Coomes.  A note of appreciation is extended to the Morgan and Kristy Mersola for hosting today’s meeting.

Meeting Minutes for June 14, 2015

Call to Order

The meeting was called to order by Mia Coomes. Present were Mia Coomes, James Coomes, Tom Kluksdahl, Morgan Mersola, Connor McDonald, Evan Troncoso, Sophia Goodson, Ethan Moutes, Giana Geary, Kalea Neiviller, Claire Flynn, Emma Strattan,  Ella Jennings, Madison Nagashiki, Katie Jin and Joe and Monica Wilke.

Approval of Minutes

Evan Troncoso motioned to approve the May minutes, and Emma Strattan seconded the motion. The minutes were unanimously approved.

Staff Report

James reported that he has purchased a banner via delegated authority from Burbank Printing for $64.85.  Claire Flynn motioned to approve reimbursement of the ChangeWorks banner for $64.86, and Morgan Mersola seconded the motion. Reimbursement was unanimously approved.

Tom Kluksdahl, who is the Chief Financial Officer of the Foundation, was able to attend this meeting and was introduced by James.  Tom expressed that he was very happy to be able to help the Foundation and was impressed by the level of commitment and organization of the Board.  Tom encouraged the Board to think about annual fundraising goals to maximize the effectiveness of the organization.  The Foundation currently has a limit of raising $50,000 annually, and the Board is encouraged to strategize about how to meet that goal.  If the Foundation is able to raise more than that amount, Tom and James will work with the IRS to change the Foundation’s 501(c)(3) status to be allowed to raise more funds if needed.

Event Planning

Relay for Life Burbank

The Foundation raised $2,633 for Relay for Life Burbank this year.  The majority of funds were raised through donations solicited prior to the event, and the baskets and trivia game raised $498 of the total.  All of the Relay teams raised a total of $158,237.81 to support the American Cancer Society.  Claire Flynn, Giana Geary, Kalea Neiviller, Conner McDonald, Evan Troncoso, Morgan Mersola, Sophia Goodson volunteered to chair the Relay for Life event in 2016.

Roy’s Run

Roy Wiegand is an ultramarathoner who has committed to run 100 miles on July 3rd and July 4th starting at Children’s Hospital Orange County and ending at the Burbank Tennis Center.  Foundation members are encouraged to join Roy on his run at the corner of Glenoaks and Central in Glendale to finish the run with him.


Road Kings

Connor met former Road Kings President Don Baldaseroni at the Relay for Life.  They discussed the possibility of developing a partnership between the Foundation and the Road Kings for a future fundraiser.  Connor will follow up with Don to see if further details can be developed.


Morgan will be heading a fundraiser at the Batcade in partnership with Central Park Pizza.  More details will be provided as the fundraiser is developed.


Executive committee elections are scheduled to take place in July for the positions of President, Secretary, Vice President, Chair, and Treasurer.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:39 PM. Claire motioned to adjourn the meeting and Morgan seconded the motion.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Ella Jennings with edits by James Coomes

The ChangeWork! Foundation

Annual Meeting Agenda

May 19, 2015

  1. Call to Order
  2. Report from the President
  3. Report from the Chief Executive Officer
  4. Vote to approve the slate of candidates for the Board
  5. Adjournment

The ChangeWorks! Foundation

Draft Meeting Minutes for May 9, 2015

  1. Call to Order

    1. The meeting was called to order at 9:50 am.  In attendance were Mia Coomes (Chair), Claire Flynn (President), Madison Nagashiki (Vice President), Dylan Giliberto (Treasurer), James Coomes (CEO), Emma Strattan, Evan Troncoso, Connor McDonald, Morgan Mersola, Kalea Neiveller, Melissa Garcia and Kendelle Dickens.

  2. Review of Minutes

    1. The minutes were amended and unanimously approved with the following changes (Connor motioned, Emma second):

      1. Item #1: Name spelling changes.

      2. Item #4: Add “H.  Dylan will contact Donut Prince and Exotic Thai about fundraiser opportunities.”

  3. Staff Report

    1. Foundation Communication

      1. James reviewed minutes of last meeting which indicated that Board members would communicate outside of Board meetings via GroupMe

      2. Some Board members and Foundation members reported that GroupMe did not effectively work as a tool to communicate and coordinate activities.

      3. Board members committed to checking and responding to their official e-mail accounts at least every 2 days.

    2. Special Guest: Carol Flynn.

      1. Ms. Flynn thanked the Board for their hard work.  She shared that there are 207 California Pizza Kitchen Restaurants which have raised over 5 million dollars for charity in partnerships between the host (the charity) and the partner (CPK).  CPK considers a successful fundraiser night as one which has at least $1,000 in sales and can issue $200 to the charity organization.  Discussed importance of getting the word out to family, friends, and through social media.  Attendees must either bring copies of the flyer to the event or show their server a copy of the flyer on their smartphone.

      2. Board members planned on having a table at the front of the restaurant and selling bracelets.  Board members also developed a task list specifically for this event including what individual members will do in advance of the event (see Attachment I).

    3. T-shirt

      1. The Board unanimously selected a vendor identified through Sherry Nagashiki who provided a quote of $323.50, or $6.47 per shirt.  The Board selected an Irish Green shirt with a white font.  James will follow up with Sherry to proceed with the order.

      2. Board members will purchase shirts without the use of Foundation funds.

      3. Shirts will be sold for $10 each, and all profits will go to the Foundation.

    4. Delegated Authority

      1. James recommended delegated authority to develop and modify the website for the needs of the Foundation, with all changes or additions to be reported to the Board at each meeting.  Claire motioned to approve the request, and Evan seconded.  The Board approved unanimously.

      2. James recommended delegated authority to develop corporate partnerships with other companies for the purpose of fundraising and promotion activities, with all arrangements to be reported to the Board at each meeting.  Connor motioned to approve the request, and Kalea seconded.  The Board approved unanimously.

      3. James requested that the Board approve procurement authorization for the purchase materials needed for the Foundation as needed using Foundation funds.  These funds would be used for business purposes such as procuring promotional materials.  Claire recommended that the dollar amount be a maximum of  $100 at a time for Foundation needs.  Morgan motioned to approve the authorization for James to spend up to $100 at a time for Foundation needs, and Evan seconded the motion.  Approved unanimously.

      4. James reiterated that any decision that would result in a financial obligation to the Foundation that is over $100 will be put to a vote by the Board prior to committing to the purchase, and that any expenditures under $100 will be brought to the Board at the next regularly scheduled Board meeting.  Further, items to be used by Board members and not paid for by the Foundation will also be approved in advance and in an individual basis, such as t-shirts, capes or other similar items.

    5. Finances

      1. The current Foundation account balance is $1,256.89.

      2. Bracelets have been purchased for $575.29 and have arrived.  The cost of 2,000 bracelets comes to 29 cents per bracelet.  Although approved at the last Board meeting, Connor motioned that James be reimbursed for $575.29 for the purchase of the bracelets.  Claire seconded the motion, and it was approved unanimously.

      3. James obtained the signature form to add approved check signers to the bank account.  Morgan motioned that the current president and treasurer be added to the bank account so that they sign checks.  Dylan seconded the motion, and it was approved unanimously.  James will arrange for the printing of basic 3-signature checks from Media City Community Credit Union.  For purposes of the Credit Union application, the current president is Claire Flynn and the current treasurer is Dylan Giliberto.

  4. 2015 Green Bracelet Campaign

    1. Morgan reported that the Jordan Middle School Principal Ms. Cashman requested 380 bracelets for 8th grade students to wear at graduation.  The Board authorized Morgan to inform Ms. Cashman that the cost is $1 per bracelet.  If there is an issue with the cost, Morgan will inform the Board as soon as possible.

    2. Jordan Middle School will also feature the green bracelets at their Charity Week which is the last full week of the school year.

    3. Dylan and Emma will coordinate the sale of bracelets at Muir Middle School.  The bracelets are currently with Emma for this event.

    4. Bracelets will be given to Relay for Life booth participants that donate at least $1 to Relay for Life via Team ChangeWorks! when they play the Trivia Crack game.  The cost of the bracelets will be considered a donation from the Foundation to The American Cancer Society.

  5. Special Agenda Item: Claire

    1. Claire shared the story of a young woman who attends her church and is currently afflicted with a cancer that threatens her loss of eyesight.  The Board agreed to change the meeting agenda to focus on the Grantmaking Committee as a Committee of the Whole.  Morgan, Kalea, Mia and Claire will convene the Relay for Life workgroup within the next three days to prepare for the upcoming event, and the Social Media workgroup will be continued for the time being.

  6. Grantmaking Committee

    1. Claire motioned, and Morgan seconded the use of the following criteria to qualify individuals and families for grants from The ChangeWorks! Foundation:

      1. The child afflicted with cancer must be 17 years old or younger;

      2. The family must have incurred at least $5,000 in out of pocket expenses related to cancer treatment; and,

      3. The family must have a household income between $20,000 and $150,000

    2. The Board approved the motion unanimously.  James has been tasked with creating an official application and relevant materials to receive and process grants.

  7. Annual Meeting Planning

    1. James will work with the Executive Committee to prepare for the Annual Meeting.

    2. James has been tasked by the Board to follow up on commitments made in Attachment I

The meeting was adjourned at 11:50 am.

Minutes respectfully submitted by James Coomes

The ChangeWorks! Foundation

Executive Meeting April 12, 2015

  1. An executive meeting was initiated at 6:07 pm.

    1. The single item was discussion of Board membership.  It was determined that all Board members are in compliance with activity requirements to maintain their Board membership.

  2. The executive meeting was adjourned at 6:11 pm.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Ella Jennings with assistance from James Coomes.

The ChangeWorks! Foundation

Draft Meeting Minutes for April 12, 2015

  1. Call to Order

    1. The meeting was called to order by President Claire Flynn at 4:09 pm.  In attendance were Morgan Mersola, Kalea Nevier, Evan Trancoso, Connor MacDonald, Emma Strattan, James Coomes, Maritza Casteneda, Isabel Casteneda, Gabriella Sassenrath, Dylan Giliberto, Sophia Goodson, Kendyl Dickens, Madison Nagashiki, Lisa Wilke, Mia Coomes, Terri Coomes and Ella Jennings.

  2. Review of Minutes

    1. The minutes were approved as written.  Motion by Gabriella, second by Morgan.  Unanimous.

  3. Staff Report

    1. Finances

      1. James reported that there is $1081.89.  James will be getting credentials to treasurer Dylan so he can provide updates at future meetings.

    2. Foundation communications

      1. Discussion about the best way for the Foundation members to communicate with each other.  Suggestions included e-mail, instagram, texting, twitter, Facebook, groupme, oovoo and skype.  Kalea and Emma will set up a groupme account.

  4. Restaurant Fundraisers

    1. California Pizza Kitchen.  Claire will take the lead.  Circulated draft flyer.  James to provide ChangeWorks! logo to Carol Flynn for flyer.  Dining event on Tuesday and Wednesday, May 19th and 20th.  20% of profits with flyer will come to the Foundation.

    2. El Capricio. Kalea’s father owns this restaurant and she will speak with her father about hosting an event.

    3. Baskin Robbins.  Emma knows the owner and will approach them about hosting an event.

    4. Porto’s. Ella’s mother knows the owner and will approach them about hosting an event.

    5. Fuddrucker’s.  Emma recommended and will approach the management about hosting an event.

    6. Stores in Burbank mall.   Gabriella knows some owners and will approach them about fundraising ideas.

    7. Starbucks.  Claire will approach Starbucks to talk about hosting an event.

  5. Subcommittee Reports

    1. Grant Making.

      1. James will reach out to this subcommittee.  The subcommittee will be responsible for developing draft criteria for families to be eligible for funds.  James gave the criteria example of providing funds to families who make between $30,000 and $200,000, and have at least $5,000 in out of pocket expenses for the treatment of childhood cancer.  Also recommended criteria be created for research institutions.

    2. Green Bracelet Campaign

      1. Kalea joined the Green Bracelet subcommittee for Jordan middle school.  Morgan reported that Jordan may hold a charity event in the last week of school where everyone will wear green.

      2. Madison will write a thank-you letter to a student at Luther Burbank who donated $100.

      3. Dylan reported that he is part of ASB at Muir middle school.  He and Emma will approach the ASB about an event at Muir.  Emma has the bracelets predesignated for Muir.

    3. MHF Walk for Kids

      1. Committee members reported on this event, which was a lot of fun.  Jersey attended and won a medal for his age division.  Lisa reported that Team Christopher raised $1,800 for the Michael Hoefflin Foundation.

    4. Relay for Life Burbank

      1. American Cancer Society meeting tomorrow night (Monday, April 13th) at 6 pm.

      2. Trivia Crack wheel.  Questions need to be submitted on the Google Drive.

      3. A banner for the Foundation will need to be ordered for this event and for use at other events.

      4. Claire and Mia will be attending the Luther Disneyland trip, and other co-chairs are needed.  Kalea volunteered and will work with Morgan.

      5. Luminaria ceremony.  Claire, Madison, and  Mia were previously approached to make a presentation, but since they will not be there due to the Luther trip, a committee was formed to create the presentation.  Kalea will present with Morgan and Sophia, and the event chairs may look into the possibility of creating a video presentation so that Claire and Mia can still present.

      6. James informed team members that the ACS allows overnight stays for team members who raise at least $100 for the event.

      7. The ACS is participating in Burbank on Parade on April 15th.  Many members indicated that they would like to participate in the parade.  James reported that a specific permission slip is required to participate in the parade and will distribute more information about this.

    5. Annual Meeting

      1. Slate.  Evan motioned to nominate himself, Claire, Connor, Gianna and Dylan for a 3-year term.  Connor seconded the motion and the motion passed unanimously.  A new executive committee will be voted on at the June meeting.

      2. Restaurant.  CPK will host the annual meeting on May 20th.  Time TBA.  All members in attendance will be able to vote on the Board slate.

      3. Green Bracelets.  Morgan motioned to authorize James to order 2,000 bracelets and receive reimbursement.  Gianna seconded the motion.  The motion passed 12 in favor and one abstention.

    6. Website

      1. Dylan and Ethan will be given access to update the ChangeWorks! website.

    7. Social Media

      1. Instagram.  Madison and Melissa will continue to oversee this account.

      2. Facebook.  Kalea and Morgan will manage this account.  James will provide access.

      3. Twitter.  Connor will create a twitter account.

      4. Guidelines.  The Board will use groupme to discuss appropriate posting guidelines for all social media accounts.

  6. Adjournment

    1. The meeting was adjourned at 6:02 pm.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Ella Jennings with assistance from James Coomes.

The ChangeWorks! Foundation

Final Board Meeting Minutes

March 8, 2015

  1. Call to Order

    1. The meeting was called to order at 4:16 pm by Chair Mia Coomes. In attendance were Board members Mia Coomes, Claire Flynn, Gabriella Sassenrath, Gianna Geary, Ella Jennings, Connor McDonald, Morgan Mersola, Evan Troncoso, Ethan Moutes, Sophia Goodson, staff member James Coomes, and members  Lisa Wilke, Maritza Castaneda and Isabella Castaneda.

  2. Review of February 22, 2015 minutes

    1. The minutes were unanimously approved as written and submitted.  Motion by Gabriella, second by Claire.

  3. Committee Member Reports

    1. Children's Hospital LA Jr. Ambassador Conference - Claire Flynn and Madison Nagashiki

      1. Claire and Madison met a lot of cool kids, learned a lot about the the Jr. Ambassadors program, and that while partnering with CHLA will give us some good ideas, the Foundation should also continue to do its work supporting the hospital and other organizations.  Committee members agreed.

    2. Relay for Life Burbank Update - Mia and Claire

      1. All attending Board members indicated that they would like to attend this event.

      2. The Trivia Crack game with wheel created by Claire will be used at the ChangeWorks! Foundation booth.  Board members will need to submit additional questions and answers to the master question list maintained in the online administrative documents folder.

      3. A subcommittee will be formed to organize our participation in this event.

  4. Staff report - James

    1. Review of Foundation web resources

      1. The Foundation website is updated with information about the organization, including current Board members and events, the bylaws and minutes, and financial information.  The Facebook page contains announcements of upcoming events, reports of events, requests for donations and other public updates about the Foundation.  James currently maintains both the website and the Facebook page.

    2. Financial Report

      1. The Foundation has a current balance of $676.50 held at Media City Community Credit Union.

    3. Team Christopher Michael Hoefflin Foundation Event March 21st

      1. Members are encouraged to participate as part of Team Christopher at the Michael J. Hoefflin Foundation’s Walk for Kids on March 21, 2015.  The event will take place at the College of the Canyons.  Registration is $25 per walker.

    4. New member discussion

      1. In response to questions raised by Board members prior to the meeting, James reviewed the bylaws and the number of current board members.  If the number of Board members is increased, the quorum of 50% +1 will increase, which may create challenges to future decision making if there are not enough Board members at a meeting.

      2. Also as defined in the bylaws, membership consists of election as a Board member, active participation in Foundation activities, or a minimum $25 donation to the Foundation.  The Foundation will work to have open meetings so that all members may participate in discussions and vote for the slate of candidates at the annual meeting.

      3. Board members agreed to maintain the current number.

  5. Subcommittee Assignments:

    1. Grant Making - Morgan, Sophia, Gabriella and Maritza volunteered for the grant making committee. Dylan will join this group as treasurer.  The grant making committee will create the criteria for the Foundation to give funds.

    2. Green Bracelet Campaign - Board members decided to hold the Green Bracelet Campaign annually and will hold the campaign at multiple locations.

      1. All-City Track Meet March 14th - kickoff for the 2015 campaign.  Morgan will coordinate the event, and as many members as possible will participate.

      2. Middle Schools - Gianna, Mia, Claire, Gabriella and Ella will coordinate at Luther Burbank, Morgan, Evan, and Connor will coordinate at David Jordan, and Ethan will coordinate at John Muir.

      3. Other locations - Sophia will coordinate at her school, and there may be an event at St. Robert Bellarmine School as well.

    3. Team Christopher, Michael Hoefflin Foundation Event March 21 - Morgan, Connor, Gianna, Mia Isabel, Claire, Ethan, Maritza, Evan and Ella are planning on attending this event.

    4. Relay for Life Burbank, May 16-17 2015 - all Board members in attendance are planning on attending and participating.

    5. Annual Meeting - Claire, Sophia, Ethan, Gabriella, Elizabeth, Gianna, Connor, Morgan, Mia and Ella will work with James to coordinate this event.

    6. Website - Ethan and Dylan

    7. Social Media - Madison and Melissa (Instagram), Kalea and Morgan (facebook), Connor (twitter)

    8. Other ideas?

      1. Philly’s Best - Mia will write request letter

      2. Jersey Mike’s - need a lead coordinator

  6. Adjournment - adjourned at 5:52 pm.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Ella Jennings (with edits by James Coomes). Approved April 12, 2015.

The ChangeWorks! Foundation

Meeting Minutes

February 22, 2015

The meeting was called to order at 4:10 PM by James Coomes, and

continued by Mia Coomes. Present were Claire Flynn, Madison

Nagashiki, Gabriella Sassenrath, Mia Coomes, James Coomes,

Morgan Mersola, Evan Troncoso, Kalea Neiviller, Connor McDonald,

Sophia Goodson, Ethan Moutes, Dylan Giliberto, Kendelle Dickens, Giana

Geary, and Ella Jennings.

Appointment of new Board Members

The executive board members of the ChangeWorks! Foundation

nominated 4 new board members (Morgan Mersola, Kalea

Neiviller, Connor McDonald, and Evan Troncoso) to join the

board. The board unanimously appointed the 4 new board

members, who are now officially ChangeWorks! board members.

They will each serve the following about of years/terms:

Kalea Neiviller: 2 years

Connor McDonald: 1 year

Morgan Mersola: 3 years

Evan Troncoso: 1 year

The event Relay for Life is hosted by the American Cancer Society,

and gives people a chance to celebrate the lives of people who

have battled cancer, remember loved ones who passed on, and

fight back against the disease. Different foundations set up booths

to raise money for Relay for Life, which include different games and

activities. ChangeWorks! is setting up a booth, and will be

Green Bracelet Campaign

ChangeWorks! has a system where you can donate money to the

foundation, and receive a green bracelet which has an inscription

reading ChangeWorks! on it. The green bracelet campaign is run by

individual subcommittees within the organization, and help

These bracelets are being distributed throughout the middle schools,

and soon the high schools and elementary schools.

ChangeWorks! has an upcoming fundraiser at California

Pizza Kitchen (CPK), which will raise money for the foundation. Thank you

to the Wilkes for always supporting the foundation, and the board

for working hard to make ChangeWorks! function. The meeting

adjourned at 6:10 PM.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Ella Jennings.

Executive Meeting Minutes for January 4, 2015

The meeting was called to order at 4:30 pm

In attendance:

  • Mia Coomes, Chair
  • Claire Flynn, President
  • Madison Nagashiki, Vice President
  • Dylan Giliberto, Treasurer
  • Ella Jennings, Recording Secretary

Staff Report

  • The Foundation received a generous donation of $400 from the Wilke Family and Team Christopher for the cost of registering with the IRS.
  • James Coomes reported that the Foundation has obtained 501c3 status from the IRS
  • Next step: establish Google for Nonprofits account.  Board members and staff will receive e-mail addresses once registered with Google.

Chair Report

  • Our 4 founders received the 2014 Hometown Heroes award from the Verdugo Hills Council of the Boy Scouts of America.  $500 was donated to the Foundation by event attendees.

New Items

  • Relay for Life Burbank – The executive committee voted to register a team for this event which is scheduled for March 16-17, 2015.
  • Board function and structure – Business decisions are made by the full Board (how to spend money).  Committees will be created to carry out events.  The Executive Committee recommended that the Board size remain at 15, but encourages member attendance at meetings and active involvement in Committees (including chairing committees if interested) and events.  Reviewed Board operations in the Bylaws.
  • Membership – reviewed membership levels (located in Bylaws).  Discussed ways in which members can express their opinions and have their voices heard.
  • Board Meetings – The Executive Committee recommended open board meeting where anyone can attend, but only Board members may vote.  Foundation members may vote on the Board slate at the annual meeting to be held in April or May.
  • Fundraising ideas – California Pizza Kitchen night, ask for donations, art auction, place donation boxes in stores and restaurants,
  • Activity ideas – trip to Children’s Hospital LA,

Agenda Items for next General Board Meeting

  • Call to order
  • Staff report
  • Sub-committee information and report
  • Fundraising proposals
  • Discuss additional board members
  • Public meetings/general meeting schedules:
  • Future meeting schedule

Meeting adjourned at 5:50 PM

Minutes respectfully submitted by Ella Jennings (edits by James Coomes)

Meeting Minutes for November 30, 2014

 Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 4:10 pm by James Coomes.  Present were Joe and Lisa Wilke, Mia Coomes, Claire Flynn, Gabriella Sassenrath, Madison Nagashiki, Ella Jennings, Emma Strattan, Dylan Giliberto, Ethan Moutes, Sophia Goodson, Giana Geary and Melissa Garcia.  Joe and Lisa Wilke thanked all of the attendees for their involvement in the Foundation.

Review of the proposed bylaws

James Coomes facilitated a review of the draft bylaws with the support of Joe Wilke.  The statements in the preamble were verified, and changes were made to the classifications of membership (3 distinct classifications), the maximum number of Directors (15) and the required quorum for voting (50% of the Directors plus one).

Vote to adopt the proposed bylaws

The youth participants voted unanimously to adopt the bylaws and to appoint today’s youth participants to the Board of Directors.  The Directors randomly selected numbers from a box to determine if they would initially serve 1, 2 or 3-year terms on the Board.  The following Directors were identified to serve the indicated initial number of years:

  • Claire Flynn – 1 year
  • Dylan Giliberto – 1 year
  • Giana Geary – 1 year
  • Ella Jennings – 2 years
  • Mia Coomes – 2 years
  • Ethan Moutes, - 2 years
  • Melissa Garcia – 2 years
  • Gabriella Sassenrath – 3 years
  • Madison Nagashiki – 3 years
  • Emma Strattan – 3 years
  • Sophia Goodson – 3 years

There are an additional 4 Director positions that may be filled at the next Board meeting (two 1-year, one 2-year and one 3-year).  James Coomes will proceed with the filing of the Bylaws with the appropriate State and Federal entities for the purpose of pursuing 501(c)(3) status for the Foundation.

Review of the executive staff structure of the Foundation

James Coomes provided an overview of the executive staff structure.  Mr. Coomes nominated himself to serve as the Chief Executive Officer, Cristina Strattan as the Secretary, and Tom Kluksdahl as the Chief Financial Officer.

Vote to appoint the executive staff

The Board voted unanimously to appoint these three individuals to 1-year terms in the identified positions.

Review of the Board officer positions

The following positions were reviewed: Chairperson, President, Vice President, Treasurer and Recording Secretary.

Nominations and Vote for the Board officer positions

Mia Coomes was nominated for and unanimously elected as the Chairperson of the Board.

Claire Flynn was nominated for and unanimously elected as the President of the Foundation.

Madison Nagashiki and Giana Geary were nominated for the position of Vice President of the Foundation, and Madison Nagashiki was elected for the position.

Gabriella Sassenrath, Dylan Giliberto, Sophia Goodson and Ethan Moutes were nominated for the position of Treasurer of the Board, and Dylan Giliberto was elected for the position.

Gabriella Sassenrath, Giana Geary, Sophia Goodson and Ella Jennings were nominated for the position of Recording Secretary, and Ella Jennings was elected for the position.

2014-2015 goals

James Coomes reviewed some of the upcoming activities and decisions that the Board will be responsible for, including outreach and educational trips to the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles Foundation, possible participation in the Burbank Relay for Life, coordination of ChangeWorks! bracelet sales in the community, decision-making around budgeting activities, and the development of fundraising and grantmaking strategies and criteria.  The Board will identify specific goals for the remainder of the Foundation year at the next Board meeting.

Meeting schedule

Chairperson Mia Coomes recommended that the next Board meeting take place in January of 2015, and obtained consensus.  The Board agreed that Sundays were the best day to meet.  The Chairperson stated that she will set the specific date at a later time and ensure that all Board members were made aware of the meeting.  Board members will also recruit to fill the last 4 positions on the Board.


Chairperson Mia Coomes called the meeting to a close at 6:12 pm.

The minutes were respectfully completed and submitted by James Coomes for the inaugural meeting.  Minutes approved by the Board on Fenruary 22, 2015.